150+ Things To Throw Away Today (To Clear Your Mind And Soul)

Tidy home, tidy mind.  Clean house, clean head. You have probably heard variations of these sayings before.
But you may have never fully realized what decluttering the house can really do for your mind.
Throwing away old things is a powerful way to give your mind clarity, focus, peace and balance.
Without even noticing it we surround ourselves with unnecessary, energy-draining clutter. Clutter which creates a negative environment and affects our mood in a bad way.
So here is a pretty long list of things you should get rid of. You will probably be surprised how many useless things you are holding on to.
Of course, cleaning stuff out can be a hard task, especially if you haven’t done it for a while.
And you may not be able to throw out all of these things at the same time. So maybe instead of setting aside a huge chunk of time to do this, make this into a little challenge for yourself.
Dispose of one of these things every day.
One Thing To Throw Away – Every Single Day.
And one more thing – by throwing out I also mean selling, donating, giving away and recycling. The goal here is to get rid of these things any way you can.

Your Bathroom:

1. Old towels
2. Old toiletries
3. Old makeup
4. Expired or sample-sized toiletries
5. Dried-up nail polish
6. Worn-out bath mats
7. Old toothbrushes
8. Old air freshener
9. Bags left from toilet paper of cotton pads
10. Empty the bathroom bin

Your Living Room:

11. Dried flowers
12 .Magazines
13. Newspapers
14. Games that are missing pieces
15. Letters
16. CDs
17. DVDs
18. Empty pens
19. Toys your pets don’t play with
20. Toys your kids don’t play with
21. Expired medication
22. Outdated electronics
23. Furniture manuals
24. Boxes
25. Unused vases
26. Broken Christmas decorations
27. Old unused batteries
28. Old drink coasters
29. Unused tea light candles
30. Take out menus you never look at

Your Bedroom And Wardrobe: 

31. Worn-out sheets and bedding
32. Old pillows
33. Socks with holes
34. Stockings with runs
35. That one glove left from a pair of gloves
36. Old t-shirts
37. Shoes that don’t fit or that you don’t wear
38. Freebie or promotional t-shirts you never wear
39. Those Scarves you never wear
40. That dress you bought but know it was a mistake and you’ll never wear it again
41. Clothing you’ve outgrown
42. In fact, anything you haven’t worn for the last 18 months.
43. And, obviously, clothes that don’t fit
44. Old, broken or unused hangers
45. Extra buttons
46. Stained or damaged clothing you can’t clean or repair
47. Consider getting rid of the old prom dresses as well (unless in has some real sentimental value)
48. Old underwear or swimwear that’s losing its stretch
49. Purses you never use
50. Extra shoe laces

Your Kitchen:

51. Cooking utensils you have two of
52. Expired sauces
53. Cremes you’ve kept in the fridge for years
54 .Empty bottles
55. 2-year old groceries in your fridge
56. Snacks your pets don’t eat
57. Extra and unused coffee mugs
58. Empty or near-empty bottles of cleaning products
59. Random containers and jars
60. Old spices
61. Matches you never use (Maybe save a few in case of a power outage)
62. Expired food
63. Old shopping bags
64. Magnets that you don’t actually collect
65. Old calendars
66. Recipe books you don’t ever use
67. Old party supplies
68. Unused plastic containers – especially those without a lid
69. Take out chopsticks – Buy a reusable pair if you use them a lot
70. Phone books
71. Dull or duplicate pocket knives
72. Paper plates – Use them up!
73. Fancy serving bowls you haven’t used in the last year
74. Catalogs
75. Instruction manuals – Most are online now
76. Kitchen knives no one uses
77. Old vitamins
78. Plants – Yes, plants that don’t brighten your spirits.  Buy ones that do!
79. Place mats, napkins, table cloths that never get displayed
80. And any old, unused, and rotting food – make sure to go through every cupboard.

Your Personal Items: 

81. The other side of a pair of lost earrings
82. Broken hair elastics
83. Other hair accessories you don’t use
84. In fact dedicate a bowl to all the little knickknacks you DO want to keep and throw out the rest
85. Gifts you don’t like
86. Rusty jewellery (or jewellery you don’t like anymore)
87. Or broken jewellery – like necklaces and bracelets with broken clasps
88. Old wallets that you don’t use
89. Pictures of ex-partners you want to move on from
90. Old prescription glasses
91. Old sunglasses
92. Old children’s artwork
93. Posters you’ll never display again
94. Touristy knick knacks
95. Broken or old iPhone cases
96. Computer cords, firewire cord, etc. that you don’t use
97. Old cell phones
98. Cell phone accessories you don’t use anymore
99. Unused perfumes and cologne
100. Some memorabilia. Designate a small shoe box for it, throw away anything that can’t fit into the box.

Check Your Pockets: 

101. Receipts you don’t need
102. Old tickets you don’t need
103. Old napkins and tissues
104. Leftover change
105. Bobby pins
106. Old fortune cookie fortunes
107.  Lanyards, name tags etc. from previous conferences/meetings
108. Leaflets you took by mistake and other promotional swag
109. Push pins  just waiting for unsuspecting fingers
110. Hard candy (or chewing gum) that you’re not sure where it came from or how long it’s been there

Your Desk Drawer: 

111. Cards people have given you with no sentimental value
112. Scraps of wrapping paper
113. Extra photos you don’t need
114. Old print-outs
115. Expired vouchers
116. Coupons you will never use
117. Markers without lids and lids without markers
118. Old paperwork
119. Save-the-dates
120. Old invitations
121. Old bank statements
122. Old folders
123. Old travel brochures
124. Old notepads
125. Business cards that you don’t need
126. Old school books you’ll never use again
127. Old crayons or art supplies
128. Cards or gifts from exes
129. Unused stationery
130. Loyalty cards you never use
131. Excess decks of cards
132. Papers you have backed up on the computer
133. Old planners
134. Used ink cartridges – Recycle them for a little money back
135. Books you’ve already read and don’t want to display
136. Used and ripped envelopes
137. Wrinkled ribbon and bows for gift wrap
138. Old manuals to electronics
139. Paychecks older than 2 years
140. Gift cards – Go and enjoy them!
141. Old day planners
142. Old post-it notes
143. Wraps from chocolate bars (yes, this too, happens)
144. Organizers you bought to get organized that didn’t work
145. Old phone covers, styluses, screen protectors, etc.
146. Samples of any kind – Use, donate, or trash.
147. Multiple pair of scissors
148. Extra buttons (If you don’t sew, toss them all)
149. Pens and pencils – Keep your favorites and let go of the rest
150. Old bills (Switch to online banking)

Your Computer:

151. Duplicate photos
152. Delete email subscriptions from sites
153. Delete emails you don’t need
154. Move everything into folders
155. Delete old documents you don’t need
156. Delete unwanted music from your iTunes
157. Delete movies that you won’t watch again
158. Empty the spam folder

source and courtesy: thelawofattraction.com
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