10 Essential Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy

The guys from the Discount Supplements set out the 10 essentials that are of the utmost importance in creating and keeping a fit and healthy body.
  1. Eat only natural, fresh and whole food stuffs;
  2. eat alkaline foods that neutralize acidic wastes;
  3. Say NO to salt, flour and sugar;
  4. Maintain balance in your diet;
  5. Remember to recover, rest and repair;
  6. Drink lots of water daily;
  7. Eat lots of fiber daily;
  8. Don’t use oil to cook or fry food;
  9. Get plenty of exercise;
  10. Add variety to your diet.
Here is an infographic with all the details you need to stay fit and healthy. If you have some questions feel free to leave them in a comment below. Also please share this article with your friends and family if you enjoyed. Stay fit!

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