5 Common Habits Of Bitter People And How To Avoid Becoming One

Life is hard, there is no getting around it. Sometimes life gets so bogged down in the bull, it can be hard to see the point. When we give into that kind of hopelessness, it not only affects us, but those around us.

Misery loves company, mainly because it never has guests. People don't want to be around a negative person. Life offers enough suffering, we don't need to create or nurture more of it.
Allowing yourself to be bitter is bad for your health and your future. You stop developing internal resources of happiness and strength. It is a self propagating cycle. Negative things keep happening to you because that's all you set yourself up for.
Below are the common traits that breed a cynical and bitter mentality. You deserve more than this, and the sun is shining even if you can't see it.

1. Holding Grudges

Don't go through life lugging around all the ways you have been wronged. Not only does it eat up energy and time, but it keeps mental and emotional focus on negative aspects. You can't change what has happened, so the most productive course of action is to learn from that situation and move on. People that hold on to grudges often say they hold on so that it doesn't happen again or because 'it keeps things in perspective'.
Letting go doesn't mean that you forgive or forget, it just means that you aren't focusing on it or letting it rule you.

2. Acting Out To Gain Attention

Misery loves company, and to get 'company' a bitter person will cause scenes and disturbances. Don't use drama to gain the attention or build the illusion of respect and empathy from others. Let your actions and character do the talking for you. Energy spent on gaining this momentary recognition could be better spent on nurturing inner resources.

3. Being Jealous

Jealousy is one of the most productive traits a person can foster. It is also one of the ugliest. Be happy that the people around you are doing well. To say that your need is greater or more deserving than another's is highly assumptive and does nothing to benefit anyone. If you want something then work towards achieving it. Wishing and hating do nothing to help you achieve goals and just breeds negativity in your heart.

4. Being Jaded

Life can be a rough experience. Sometimes it seems like our lives are nothing more than trial after trial, picking yourself up just to get knocked down again. If we don't actively resist it, we can build a natural resistance to positive expectations. We begin to think that past events and scenarios will pan out the same every time. Being jaded doesn't protect anyone, it closes you off from the world and it's possibilities.
Being cynical sets up an environment to breed suffering. Remember that any expectation is a poor choice in energy and that every new moment has untapped potential. Stay open to the universe's possibilities and don't lose your hope for the future.

5. Focusing On The Negative

We have the power to manifest our desires and thoughts. Staying focused on negative elements and believing that is the only truth will make that a reality. If you feed unproductive formations in your mind and heart, they will grow and gain more influence. Any energy you give them will be detracted from positive and productive formations.
We get what we put into life, so feeding negativity will breed negativity. It can be a hard cycle to break but that change begins within us. Acknowledge the bad and be grateful for it's lessons. Smile at it, and let go. Always leave room for new and beautiful elements in your heart and life.

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