10 Benefits of Walking Meditation

Most people think of meditation as sitting quietly in position. However, in traditional teachings there are actually four different meditation postures: sitting, standing, walking, and lying down. All four are valid methods of enabling clear thought and mindful awareness. Learning how to do walking meditation brings a number of benefits.

1. Expand Mindfulness
Walk in meditation to help in the cultivation and practice of mindful awareness. 
2. Be in the Body, Now
Meditate while walking to ease the way for you to be more present in your body and in the present moment.
3. Focus Attention
Let the natural process of walking be the focus. It can be a helpful way of building stronger concentration
4. Complement Your Sitting Meditation
Practice walking meditation along with sitting meditation sessions. It is a good support for sitting your practice. 
5. Bring in Different Sensations
Bring expanded sensations or new elements to your meditation practice. While walking, you feel your body sensations in a compelling way. It differs from the more subtle sensations of breathing while sitting. 
6. Gain Energy
Try walking meditation when you are feeling tired or sluggish. Walking can be invigorating and energizing for both the body and the mind. 
7. Ease Stress
At times of strong emotions or stress, do a walking meditation. You may find the action of walking to be more relaxing than sitting and meditating. 
8. Quick-Start Metabolism
Walking can be quite helpful after a meal, upon waking from sleep, or after a long period of sitting meditation. 
9. Build Strength
Walking gets your body and muscles moving. That’s an added benefit of moving meditations. When done for longer periods of time, walking meditation can actually build up your strength and stamina.
10. Enhance Your Joy
Do what you enjoy. People’s attitudes toward walking meditation vary. Some people find that it’s not especially helpful for them. Some find that it suits them and take to it easily. May you find it a joy and a delight.
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