15 Times Michelle and Barack Obama Were Relationship Goals

If there is one widely known couple in this world that we're all rooting will stay together forever, it's without a doubt, Michelle and Barack Obama. These two lovebirds have been together since the summer of 1989 and have battled so many ups and downs since then. The love that they have for each other is obvious, inspiring, and magical. We're so happy that the White House photographer was able to capture so many of these moments and share them with us. Here's why they are seriously relationship goals. 
1. Their first date sounds like something straight out of a fairy tale. 

2. They know how to let loose and have fun. Not taking yourselves too seriously is key to a happy life. 

3. They aren't afraid of a little PDA.
4. They still hold hands (and are basically super clingy and attached at the hip whenever possible). 
5. They go to basketball games together and actually enjoy themselves.

6. They're not afraid of the kiss cam at those games. Again, the PDA is alive and well, you guys.
7. They think the same thoughts (if this picture is any indication). 
8. They raised a beautiful family together.
9. They're still up for sharing an intimate dance together, and it always looks like they're the only ones in the room.
10. Barack's stolen glances at Michelle are just so heartwarming.
11. And Michelle making sure her husband's bow tie is straight is just a small gesture that really says a lot. 
12. The genuine love they have for each other is obvious. 
13. Still being able to make each other laugh over the decades is important and clearly a strong component in their relationship. 
14. At any given time, they look like a young couple still head over heels for each other.
15. Their commitment to stand by each other through the good and the bad is inspiring.
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(Source: Diply)
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