Do you want a good friend but don’t know how or where to start that perfect friendship? It’s time to figure out what are the essential qualities to be a good friend. Of course, to have a good friend, you must be one.

1. A Trustworthy friend

Trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand. When we know someone will be loyal to us, we are on the road to true friendship. A true friend is the one who needs to be honest and the person that is able to tell you the truth even if it isn’t pleasant to hear. Obviously a good friend needs to be a person whom you can trust, someone you can tell secrets to and believe that he/she will keep them under any circumstances. However it’s really hard to gain trust: but it’s very easy to lose it. Be with someone who gains trust without spoiling the beauty of your life. One of the greatest gifts you give to a friend is sense of safety in your relationship. If you can safely share your dreams, expose your fears, unveil your failures, and discuss your struggles, big and small, be with that person without any fear. Always be someone with whom others feel safe and protected, so you will receive the same from others.

2. An optimistic friend

“Choose friends wisely” said grand pa, those days we just take it easy without knowing what’s inside story, it was probably right if he kept on repeating that to us while we grew up. Appreciate the people in your life who have stood by you always, and guide you to be succeeded. A good friend gives you sincere compliments; it could encourage you more than anything. Everyone needs encouragement and motivation to achieve their target. If your friend gives his/her full support to you and encourage you with positive and optimistic ideas, you will achieve a lot. Always make friendship with the smart and optimistic person whoever catches your real talent. Also, a good friend has capability to listen to your problems and be a positive influence. It might be hard to stay positive after hearing all of the issues of your life, but if he/she is able to do it, it’s a precious friendship worth keeping.

3. A friend in need

There’s simple phrase called, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” by Edgar Bergen, which exactly means a real friend is truly supportive, he/she is always be there for you through thick and thin. That kind of a friend never let you be a jerk. They sense your bad behavior before you speak up about it, such as taking drugs and to be addicted to other alcohol or to smoke. A friend who helps you to get away from these situations by not being afraid to speak up is called “a friend indeed”. If your friend gives his/her shoulder to cry on during tough time and makes you feel less alone, you are really lucky to have that person in your life because it’s a rare quality which we can find now a day. A friend indeed never let you face the problems alone; he/she always finds practical solution for your problems. A good friend can develop the personal depth that comes from bearing witness and making a meaningful contribution. Friendship isn’t about whom you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.

4. A respectful friend

“Don’t walk in front of me, I might not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I might not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend” – author unknown
This simply shows the importance of equality to friendship; true friendship is a brilliant example of a perfectly equal relationship. Think! A true friendship doesn’t put the person above another; it doesn’t have a leader or follower. It’s all about dignity in a friendship. Good friends respect for each other by being openly and mutually supportive. Without doubt a good friend never let you feel low in your life. Sometimes you will say things that you find boring, uncomfortable or annoying, but if your friend has respect for you, he/she will give you the space to talk without judgment. Listening to you opens space between the two of you; a good friend is always a good listener. Anytime there in a perceived inequality or imbalance, the door is open for jealousy. It’s important to have equality and respect in a friendship. Be with someone who thinks that nothing is valuable than your friendship.
While reading this article, do you realize who your true friends are? May be you already have good friends worth keeping. Isn’t it? Yes, good friends still exist in this world. It’s time to be proud of having good friends and to give some time to appreciate their effort to be with you through thick and thin. Remember, to have a good friend is one of the highest delights of life: to be a good friend is one of the noblest and most difficult undertakings.

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