Why be an inspiration for others? Don’t we just let the celebrities and billionaires do that for us?

Little do we realize that we need to serve as an inspiration in our place of work for maximum productivity from our own end, as well as to the entire team. When we position ourselves as an inspirational leader, we are able to see the best in every individual and what they can bring to the table. When we inspire, we stimulate and lift people to reach new levels of creativity and energy. It is all about the greatness and value in people and showing them how much they add.

Here are five ways in which you don’t need to be a famous name in order to be an exceptionally inspiring leader.

1. Observe those who surround you

Intentionally look for people’s strengths and any value they can add. Make sure you do this for everyone that you work with. If writing things down is something you do, keep track of their top qualities on a list. Keep that list updated. The longer you work with them, the more you discover about them and all of the qualities they have that can contribute. Share them; let them know what you think they are exceptional at.

2. Pick a redeeming quality

If there is someone in the office you consistently butt heads with, still try to find a quality or two that they are good for. Although it might be difficult, focusing on their positive attributes will make it more bearable to interact and work with them.