6 Things Everyone Needs To Learn Before They Die

1. Take care of yourself.

I hear sometimes people talking like it doesn't really matter how they treat themselves. Smokers say "I'm going to die anyway." People who eat poorly say, "Why punish yourself with healthy food?" It's not death you should be afraid of. It's everything that leads up to it. How shitty would it be to live your last 6 months in agony, or your last 6 years immobile?

2. Take care of each other.

In this life, there's not much we have but each other. Reality in all its cruelty underscores the need to take care of one another life family. We should make this world as nice a place to be as we can.

3. Be true to yourself.

There have been too many people who, in life, don't live true to themselves. They pretend they're things they aren't because they're afraid of judgment. Don't be afraid to live out loud and proud, friends.

4. Don't be afraid.

Fear is the mind killer after all.

5. Give it your best.

In life, we should do our best in everything we do. If we do our best, we have nothing to feel any anxiety about. Living an anxiety-free life is ideal, right? Do your best.

6. Leave the world better than you found it.

It's the one real responsibility any of us has: leave the world better than you found it. I want to see the environment in better health, poverty, eradicated, and the ability for people to thrive better by the time I'm on my death bed.
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