Everyone Knows About The 5 Senses, But Did You Know You Have 12 More?

Every day we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel (barring major disabilities of course), but did you know that you have 12 more senses?

1. Sense of time.

The sense of time is the knowledge of how much time something will take. It's also our brain's ability to make time seem slower during times of distress.

2. Magnetoception.

Like birds, we can sense magnetic fields. It's subtle, but possible.

3. Proprioception.

This is a sense that allows you to identify and feel your body without looking directly at it. If I asked you where your feet were and you can find them without looking, that's proprioception.

4. Nociception.

The ability to feel pain in your bones and organs as well as the skin. This is not the nicest sense.

5. Sense of unhealthy foods.

It's a sense that works along side with our sense of smell. It gives us the ability to smell which foods will be unhealthy for us.

6. Equilibrioception.

This is our sense of balance. It allows us to maintain our position at all times.

7. Tetrachromats.

Very few people actually have this sense. It's reserved for those with a great sense of vision. Most humans have three cones in their eyes, cones being the cells that allow them to see colors. Tetrachromats have four and are able to see colors that most can't.

8. Sense of danger.

This is a sense that women exclusively have. During ovulation, women have a heightened sense of danger.

9. Blind sight.

Blind people have senses, often called Blind Sight, that allows them to adapt and perceive their surroundings in other ways.

10. Perception of fake.

This one is stronger in some than it is in others. It's the ability to know when a smile is fake or a lie is being told.

11. Thermoception.

Knowing whether something will be hot or cold before we palce our hands on it.

12. Ovulation sense.

A sense that heterosexual men have that causes him to be more attractive to ovulating women.
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