A girlfriend is a female friend, sometimes specifying a female partner with whom one is romantically and/or sexually involved. Once in a lifetime you may meet a girl who has an ability to change your life forever. If you are dating a girl, check off these signs that you have an awesome girlfriend. If you find a girl according to this description, hold into her!

1. If she is smart,

“Behind every successful man, there is a woman’’, who constantly supporting; and nourishing; alike an invisible pair of hands; giving the man hope an inspiration. She’s the one who could hold your hand and walk through storms or whatever. Being smart doesn’t always mean to be well educated. A smart girl doesn’t argue too much, doesn’t drink and smoke, avoids being the centre of attention, stays positive and gains trust from you. That kind of a girl never leaves you when times get hard.

2. If she is beautiful,

Beauty is in the eye of beholder which is simple means that different people have different ideas of what is beautiful. Actually beauty doesn’t always depend on appearance, the inner beauty is more important to be with. A girl must have much attention on sanitary, as well as to dress nice and comfortable. She should be prettiest girl in the world but it’s nothing without personality. If your girl being herself even when you are around, chose her to be your life partner.

3. If she is kind,

It’s really easier to live with kind hearted girl because she will attend to her man’s emotional needs. A girl who is being notch up from civil, even to people she really doesn’t like is the best kind of one. People will definitely respect her for it! Plus, it develops inner beauty which can help with the whole sweetness thing. She will keep you smile everyday through her positive attitude and sweetness. Be happy with her!

4. If she is proactive,

This simply means thinking and acting ahead of anticipated events. With this quality, a girl could be proud of herself. She has that amazing talent to prevent problems from ever arising. Every man should have this type of a girl to solve problems instead of dwelling on them. She will show you that which tasks are priorities and which can wait. It will bring you up and make you feel comfortable with work.

5. If she loves you madly,

When you pay attention to how she acts, what she says, what she does when you are together, you will realize whether she loves you or not. If she talks about your future and makes plans about your future, it’s her commitment towards your relationship. If she says ‘I love you’ and means it, you are the luckiest man in the universe. She will sacrifice anything; an able assistant who sacrifice time and efforts, for her home and husband. She will be around during the good times and bad. Love her as much as you can!

6. If she is patient,

“Patient is a virtue
Hold it if you can
Seldom found in woman
Never in a man”
If she has that ability to persevere and maintain composure in situations, she’s the one who can guide you to be a successful man. One day as a wife she will understand how to react and how to survive difficult situations. Always she looks on the bright side of everything. It will make you feel physically and emotionally well.

7. If she is a teacher for your life,

When you are in a relationship, it’s really important for both of you respect the other person’s opinion- but don’t think that means you have to agree on everything, because you definitely don’t. A teacher means that someone who helps you overcome common challenges and who wants to see the success of a child. As a teacher if she brings you up and makes you strong, she’s worth to be with.

8. If she is strong,

It’s really important to understand that being strong doesn’t mean being angry over stupid stuff. If she always listens to your opinions and make informed decisions and stand up for what she believe in when the times calls for it, she could be the one who helps you to get through problems. Even though everybody fights against you, probably she will fight for you, be more supportive and never leave your side.

9. If she is honest,

Remember that honestly is the basis of all healthy relationships, honesty gives rise to trust, which is essential for maintaining relationships. If she can be honest about her own weaknesses or share of the blame, this attitude of her could help to make a stable bond. This is a very important quality of a girl to maintain a healthy relationship. Absolutely she could notice the good with the bad, so she respects your abilities and think that you can do or be better with more effort.

10. If she is sexy,

When it comes to sex, men want a woman who is enthusiastic and confident above all else. If she is being fully present during your love making, let you know when you are doing something right, and be specific when asking you to do things differently, she will make you energetic and strong. You never feel to run after another girl while having her.
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