There Are 16 Different Personality Types. Which One Are You?

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, there are four terms we need to understand in order to understand personality.
There is introversion and extroversion, determining how outgoing of a personality you are.
There is sensing or intuition, how you process information. There is thinking or feeling, how you make decisions, logic and facts or subjectivity. And lastly, there is judging and perceiving, how you react to the outside world and adapt to change.

1. INTJ.

INTJ makes up about 2% of the population, being the third-rarest personality type. They are typically seen as intellectuals. They're innovative, logical, and insightful.

2. INTP.

INTP makes up 3% of the population and are known for being logical - a rare personality type indeed. They tend to be intellectual, concise, precise, and imaginative.

3. ENTJ.

ENTJ is the commander, the type of person people look up to for guidance. They are fiercely rational and demonstrate strategic, logical, and efficient thinking. They tend to be outgoing and independent.

4. ENTP.   

ENTP is well known for their skill in debates and seeking the truth. They're honest and straight forward and have no problem facing down a conflict. They're inventive, enthusiastic, and question everything.

5. INFJ.

INFJ are the advocates, the rarest personalities in the world. Advocates tend to have tremendous impacts on the world. They're warm, considerate, gentle, and pragmatic. Martin Luther King Jr. was thought to be an INFJ.

6. INFP.

INFP are the mediators, passionate and capable people that see the good in others and can broker peace like no other. They tend to be poetic artistic types and are sensitive, idealistic, and perceptive.

7. ENFJ.

This group makes for the best politicians. They tend to make great coaches and teachers. They lead enthusiastically in an organized, caring, and diplomatic way. They aren't bloodthirsty types.

8. ENFP.

ENFP is the ultimate outgoing person. They love other people and have a knack for finding solutions to tough problems. They make good organizers due to their creative, optimistic, and playful nature.

9. ISTJ.

ISTJ tend to be the most responsible, meticulous, "anal" group of the bunch. They demand facts, evidence, and the truth at all times. They make wonderful lawyers and judges. They tend to be analytical and reserved, but realistic and sincere.

10. ISFJ.

ISFJ is the superhero of all the different types. They stop at nothing to protect their fellow man and woman. They give back to their communities any way they can and tend to be warm, thorough, gentle people.

 11. ESTJ.

The motto of the ESTJ should be "Run for your life, I'm an ESTJ." They tend to be rigorous and intense, making excellent executives and world leaders. Many presidents belonged to this category. They're outgoing, realistic, and efficient people.

 12. ESFJ.

ESFJ are the ultimate extroverts of the bunch. They're outgoing, funny, reliable, friendly, and organized people. They make the best nurses and teachers. They can communicate in ways that are simply impeccable.

13. ISTP.

ISTP is the best learner out of all of them. They love learning new things and catch on quickly. They tend to be a bit enigmatic, but they do express sudden energy. They are action-oriented and independent.

14. ISFP.

ISFP are the adventurers. They're the rebels of the group. They enjoy life and challenge the establishment with everything they've got. Yet they're flexible, gentle, sensitive, and nurturing.

15. ESTP.

ESTP types are social butterflies who love their bowling leagues, knitting circles, and hiking buddies. They enjoy fun conversations and are often everyone's best friends. They tend to be outgoing, realistic, and spontaneous.

16. ESFP.

ESFP is the entertainer. Being bored doesn't work for them. They are the life of the party and can fit in with pretty much any group. They're flirty, friendly, flexible, and enthusiastic lovers.
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