16 Rules Of Happiness

You think money, fame, big cars and big houses make people happy?
Think again.
The richest person in the world could be battling loneliness or even depression while a person from a third world country living in poverty could be happy!
Being happy is not something someone else can do for you.
It’s what you can do and how you think that determines your pathway to happiness.
If you asked a happy person what it is that they do to be happy, they would tell you it is how they live.
It’s not a matter of habit for happy people, they live by certain rules.
Here are 16 rules of a happy person.

1) Get organized

Tidy space, tidy mind!
Organizing workspace, home or even your computer leaves you less stressed and distracted.
You increase your efficiency!
Of course, a clean working and living area has obvious health benefits as well.

2) Work on your skills and get new ones

Keep your skills updated to help you get better at your current job and open new opportunities.
Who isn’t happy with a better raise, job or even a promotion?

3) Make deals with your friends

Good friends help you relax, help you inspire and help you learn new things.
You can make vacation deals and even deal to workout together!
Given all the health benefits of spending time with friends you will probably live longer too.
“Friendship is born in that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’” -C. S. Lewis

4) Read, read, and read again

Reading every day helps stimulate your mind, increases your knowledge and vocabulary.
But those are just the obvious benefits.
Reading keeps you happy because it increases your analytical skills.
Be a better decision maker, and improve your focus and writing skills every step of the way as well.

5) Do exercises every day

A fit person is healthy and happy! Make exercise a priority and insert it into your daily routine.
You will have a better body, better sex life, better digestion and lesser risk of cancer.
Of course, of all the goodness, exercise can give you less stress and make you happier.

6) Instead of junk food eat fruits and vegetables

The whole raw and whole movement in the recent years is for a simple reason that eating these foods is good for you.
Being on a healthy food journey keeps your body and mind healthy.
A sound body and mind is a happy soul!

7) Attend group lessons

Attending group lessons involving school work, swimming, music, or even painting increases your accountability.
When you are accountable, it makes you more responsible!
Being responsible helps you follow-through whatever tasks you take up.
Completing each task successfully will then leave you feeling happy.

8) Drink water

This is one of the most underrated rules of all.
Drinking adequate water helps you cleanse your inner constitution, flushing out all your toxins.
It also increases your mood, energizes your muscles and keeps your face and body glowing!
Who would not be happy with that?

9) Praise people

When you genuinely appreciate and praise people, you improve your relationships.
A person who builds people up is a leader that has many followers.
Doing this increases loyalty and respect people have for you.

10) Smile

Smiling freely and awesomely is contagious.
Do you know why it instantly lightens up your mood?
When you smile your body release “endorphins” – these are the happy hormones.
Thus, reducing stress levels and making you feel better.
Others smiling back at you are also happier for it.

11) Take care of your family

Studies have shown that spending time and money on others makes you a happier person.
Taking care of your family instead of otherwise is a much bigger and better pathway to happiness.

12) Be with people with whom you feel comfortable

Being with people who make you feel uncomfortable will make you feel the opposite of happy.

13) Set goals

Not having goals is only dreaming.
Chase your dreams with achievable goals.
Whether long term or short term, either way you are happier to know where your life is leading you.

14) Be grateful for what you have

Whether it is your spouse, your house or your job, there are countless others who have less.
A grateful heart has a content soul.
Besides, being grateful can help improve your relationships, and showing appreciation will help you make new ones as well.

15) Engage in yoga

Any form of exercise is good for you.
Yoga works every muscle in your body, leaving it flexible and toned.
You also have improved blood circulation, breathing and increased energy after you’ve practiced yoga.
Apart from all these benefits, yoga can help you lose weight too!

16) Remember that everything passes

When you are in a tough spot, a person who accepts the fact that “This too shall pass” is happier for it.
Because with every adversity that you face, when you pass it, you come out better and stronger.
Therefore, your quality of life itself is enhanced, and when that happens, you are happy and content even in dire times.
These are simple rules to follow and following them every day will eventually become a habit.
Habits that make you happy are worth having!
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