6 Simple Tips To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Our homes and workplaces should be safe places for us to rest and create. Having a place where you feel comfortable and empowered to do what you feel is right, is crucial for our mental and spiritual health. Your work place shouldn't be a jail cell, but a platform for you to express and create aspects.
These spaces can trap negative energy or sometimes create negative energy. This isn't productive or healthy. Below are some ways to safeguard your space and transform energies to your preference.

1. Clapping With Intention

Energy can get stuck in corners, on shelves, above stairs and all around. To breathe life into your area, walk around sensing stagnant or negative energy. When you feel that presence clap your hands and focus on positive, productive formations.

2. Designate Spaces For Specific Purposes

You should try to separate your space into action and intention specific areas. For example, your bedroom is for sleeping and resting, so remove any televisions, desks, or any non sleep related items. You should try to streamline the spaces, to keep a more focused energy in each place.

3. Burn Herbs

Go to a health store or an oriental shop and buy some sage bundles or incense. Sage, in particular, is great for warding off negative energy, spirits and actively creates positive energy. Different types of incense change negative energies into various potential energies.
First open the windows and doors and waft the burning herbs in every room, hallway, and around the property. After a while or whenever you feel it is appropriate, close the windows and doors. The next day do the same ritual but leave the windows and doors shut.

4. Keep It Clean

Your space doesn't have to be spotless, but it should never be disgusting or unorganized for long periods. Never leave dirty dishes or half eaten food anywhere but the sink. Clutter and organically dirty areas eat up positive energy and create a feeling of chaos.

5. Buy Plants And Put Them Everywhere

Plants live by taking toxins in the air and turning it into air. They only need sunlight and water to produce healthy and productive vibes. If you aren't blessed with a green thumb try to get plants that are hardy and don't need supervision. Be sure to clear away any dead leaves and branches. If your plant dies be sure to remove it quickly. A dead plant will be a focus point for negativity and it will consume the positive energy in the air.

6. Rearrange, Rearrange, Rearrange

Move the furniture in your house around once a month at least. This will help you keep track of what you need and don't use. Throw away or donate unwanted items. Superfluous items drain productive and positive energy. As you move things around, play around with the space and see how each arrangement benefits or hinders your space's positivity and productivity.
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