Cancer is a terrible disease and the treatment for curing can really be unpleasant. We already know what chemo can do to the rest healthy cell of our body, so knowing few facts how to act in order to treat cancer naturally is big win for everyone.
As I mentioned natural way is the best. There are lots of patients that claim how changing the lifestyle and diet habits had helped them in the fight with cancer.
Here is a list of certain types of food that help to destroy cancer cells and prevent their growth.
Many of these items you are already using and I bet they are your favorite.
So with regular consumption of these foods and drinks you can provide some serious treatment for destroying cancer.
Why these items are so powerful?
Firstly a short introduction about Angiogenesis! Angiogenesis is process that is commonly linked with cancer spread.
Numerous of researches are based and focus on the inhibitors, or the activators which promotes and boost vascular growth of cells, so that new blood vessels could be created.
This list of 7 foods is in fact list of promoters of anti-angiogenesis, and that’s how they help in stopping cancer growth. They affect the feeding process of cancers
Below is the list of the foods and their power on angiogenesis and cancer growth.

1. Red Wine
The secret ingredient here is resveratrol which is powerful and great antioxidant consisted in the grape’s skin. Among other health benefits, minimizing the risk of developing heart diseases is the most important.
Other health benefits:
  • Improve glucose tolerance,
  • heart operation,
  • energy production and mental aptitude;
  • eliminate free radicals, viruses and bacteria;
  • reduce the risk of cell destruction from radiation;
  • and repair DNA
Your dosage should be as little as 225ml of wine to supply your body with up to 640mcg of Resveratrol, depending on the wine.

2 & 3. The Blueberry and raspberry effect
These fruits are known to be very helpful in treating ovarian cancer because they have strong anti-cancer capabilities.
The phytochemicals are the reason why they have their dark hue. Furthermore, blueberries and raspberries are also known to have a decreasing effect on oxidative stress and angiogenesis.

4. Coffee and green tea
These are not only the most popular drinks that we consume daily but also are powerful enough to deal with this disease. They are pretty much known like decreasing ingredients of the chances for cancer growth.

5. Turmeric
You probably have read a lot about this spice and to be honest it has all the properties to fight this terrible disease.

6. Dark Chocolate
Apart from the fact that this food is tasty as heaven and we like to consume daily, we have reason plus because it happens to be great for our heath. Keeps the heart healthy and affects our mood in fact affect the hormones of happiness and great ally for fighting cancer cells.

7. Tomato Effect
And the last but not less important! This item is proven to be effective in the reduction of developing prostate cancer for even 50%. Tomato is really effective because of the substance called lycopene which has strong anti-angiogenic properties.
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