Decent and well – mannered eating with uncommon tableware is not generally the healthiest and most suggested option.
The bad-mannered eating with hands and licking the fingers can be more beneficial and more helpful in a few circumstances, and it can likewise prevent us from specific maladies.

Eating-With-Your-Fingers-Is-Way-More-More beneficial
Aversion of Diabetes Type 2 A large number of individuals that eats quick have more opportunities to experience the ill effects of diabetes type 2. As to the way that suppers eaten with a fork and a knife last faster than those that we devour using our hands, it is apparent and ideal to eat “rude” at whatever point conceivable.
Not just you have a bit of chips or two with your fingers, as opposed to the 5 or 6 you can get with the fork, yet you additionally eat slower, as a snack.
Digestion improvement
It is very good to known after you wash your hands to get rid of all harmful bacteria, certain so- called “useful” bacteria remain on them, which are the solution for the harmful ones in the body and are good to be consumed, while eating with the fingers.
Meanwhile, the brains gets signals from the nerve ends for the kind of food, whether it is hot or cold, solid or soft, so it prepares the digestive organs for it.

Prevents Overeating
Many people who use their hands only while they eat are slim. This is because they do not eat too much. The problem of overeating in children can be solved very easy and effortlessly if their parents let them use their hands for eating.

The safest way to remain in shape
People who are multitasking during eating eat more than people who just sit at the table and eat.
Eating with both hands makes you busy and concentrated on your meal only, since your hands are greasy, unwashed and you cannot use them for anything else. This is good because you do not get distracted by other things and you only focus on the food in front of you, and this makes you able to estimate the amount of the food you have taken in during that particular meal and when is the time to stop. source
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