10 Super Foods that Lower Bad Cholesterol and Improve Good Cholesterol

You must have heard about Cholesterol and How it is not good for your health. We all want to get rid of this cholesterol without much efforts, isn’t it? So, here are some Super foods that you must add to your diet. Adding these Super foods lower bad cholesterol and also improve good cholesterol.
A meal containing low saturated fat and rich in fruits and vegetables is the best meal for a person who is literally worried about his or her cholesterol. There aren’t anything else than a healthy prescription and certain super foods to lower your cholesterol. There are some foods that lower bad cholesterol and in order to keep your bad cholesterol low and under control then you need to choose a healthy diet. If you have high cholesterol, there are high chances of getting an attack because on one hand cholesterol is your friends while on other it’s your foe too. If you have normal cholesterol level, then it is sign of goof functioning of your body parts but it poses threat to life if it increases. Here we are with super foods that lower bad cholesterol and we are pretty much sure that you find them worth a taste too.

10 Super Foods that Lower Bad Cholesterol


Almond skins have a unique substance which helps in preventing LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol from getting oxidized. It is basically a process which helps in preventing any damage to the blood vessels as well as decreases the risk of cardiovascular problems. You can simply sprinkle almonds on salads as well as cereals or even you can intake them in your afternoon snack.


Avocados contain monounsaturated fats which help in lowering ‘bad’ LDLs and increasing ‘good’ HDLs especially in people having mildly elevated cholesterol. You can simply slice avocados or even mash it with lemon juice, salsa and garlic.


Intake of Barley foods helps in reducing the cholesterol twice more than other foods. This food is basically one of the great substitutes for rice and even adds depth to soups. Furthermore, it works great when combined with nuts as well as dry fruits and little oil with vinegar.

Beans & Lentils

Beans & Lentils helps in lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol levels twice more than those people having low-fat diet and added this food in their diet combined with vegetables and whole grains. You can experiment this food with salads, soups and dips.


This food contains pterostilbene which is a powerful antioxidant helps in lowering LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol. You can simply toss a cup of blueberries combined with yogurt (vanilla-flavoured) and ½ cup orange-juice blended as a healthy breakfast drink.


The food Oat Bran added to a healthy diet which added as a benefit for HDL cholesterol levels. Oats are rich in beta glucan which is a soluble fibre and this helps in the formation of a gel which further helps in binding cholesterol in the intestines.

Soya Foods

Soya foods help in lowering cholesterol because they are naturally low in saturated fat. These foods contain special proteins which help in influencing the regulation of cholesterol in the body.


Intake of any alcoholic beverage during dinner helps in raising chances for good-cholesterol levels as well as decrease the risk of heart problems but in excess raises risks for heart problems.

Fatty Fish & Salmon

These foods don’t have any negative impact on LDL cholesterol and help in lowering triglycerides and helps in boosting good HDL cholesterol as well as lower the risk of heart disease. But in taking too much of fatty fish can lead to weight gain.

Olive oil

We all know that all cooking oils are high in fats but olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat which helps in lowering LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol. Furthermore, it helps in lowering the risks of heart attacks as well as heart strokes.
Those who are worried about their high cholesterol level and want to maintain their current diet; do you think that these super foods to lower your cholesterol will help? Yes, off course they will as you will get to know about their benefits and will try to limit certain foods in your diet. Other foods which help in lowering the cholesterol includes red wine, garlic, margarine, spinach, beans, tea and chocolate.

How to Use These Super Foods that Lower Bad Cholesterol

There are no questions about these foods benefits on person’s bad cholesterol levels but it’s really important to understand about how to use these super foods that lower bad cholesterol along with their limits.
  • Some people might think these super foods helping in lowering your cholesterol as a cure but simply its not because having a good diet is really important for one’s well being and even many people consider viewing certain foods as medicine. Having an oatmeal bowl will help but it will not help in lowering your cholesterol if you intake a hot sundae fudge later.
  • You must replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones because by replacing these foods with one and another you will get apparent benefits. Don’t just add foods but try to replace them with less healthy and hygienic foods.
  • Healthy foods too contain calories which can cause weight gain and weight gain simply worsens the cholesterol levels.
  • You have to keep in mind that in lowering your cholesterol levels, your genetics play a vital role.
If you think that having a bowl of oatmeal in breakfast can help you in lowering your cholesterol, then yes it is certainly possible. The powerful effects on the cholesterol levels are of the changes in the diet of a person. If you want to lower your cholesterol, you have to reduce the amount of intake of unhealthy fats but it’s not all about reducing and decreasing, you need to add foods which are fortified with stanols as well as sterols, oatmeal, nuts, fatty fish and olive oil which help in lowering unhealthy LDL levels as well as triglycerides.
Though high cholesterol doesn’t make you feel low and sick but it eventually only narrowing your arteries. Getting a treatment for high cholesterol is really important as it increases the risk of heart strokes and attacks. We recommend you with two cheap treatments and that is through lifestyle changes and medicines. Now, for what you are waiting for? Having high cholesterol level? Hurry and consult your doctor.
source and courtesy: trendsnhealth
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