5 Gut Instincts You Should Absolutely Never Ignore

When people say they’re listening to their gut instincts, they really believe that their intuition is guiding them in making a decision.
We all have this innate ability to listen to that inner voice telling us not to go through with something, or that the person asking us for help might have ulterior motives, or that our childhood dream could actually become a fulfilling career choice in our adult life.
We can essentially decode this often indescribable gut instincts we get in certain situations, because that pang in your stomach, sudden bout of fatigue, or strong urge to help the person next to you can reveal more than you think.

Here Are 5 Gut Instincts You Shouldn’t Ever Ignore:

1. I don’t feel well.

When it comes to our health, there’s no symptom too small to get checked out. If you feel like there’s something going on in your body that isn’t right, you should listen to that feeling and get it checked out before it gets any worse. A lot of people ignore subtle signs from their bodies and end up dealing with a much larger problem than they originally planned for. Your body is built to instinctively know when something is going wrong or out of balance, and the warning signs could mean the difference between life and death in some situations. Don’t hesitate to seek the counsel of a trained medical professional if something in your body is communicating a problem.
On another note, pay attention to how you feel every time you interact with someone. Do you feel drained, anxious or depressed? These feelings have come to the surface for a reason – by listening to yourself intuitively, you can determine which people in your life suck your energy dry, and who actually makes you feel alive.
Your intuition speaks to you in many ways, so never ignore any “off” feelings you get, no matter how subtle.

2. This situation seems dangerous.

Walking home alone, feeling like you’re being watched, being in the car with a potentially drunk driver or a stranger – all of these things can trigger your gut instinct that you might be in danger, and it’s a natural feeling.
Humans are equipped with a fight-or-flight type mentality when in danger. Never be afraid to choose flight when you feel like you’re in some kind of danger. While our gut instincts can have flaws, you should listen to them regardless – they might just save your life. Seek out the help of others too. Remember that most people in the world aren’t bad and just want to help.

3. I really need to help that person.

Since we all originate from the same source, we have direct ties to each other and can sense when someone needs help. We have the powerful ability to read other people’s energy by evaluating their facial expressions, body language, or just how we feel around that person.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a moment to help someone in need, even if they’re a stranger. If it’s cold out and you see a poor woman without a jacket, you have plenty at home, right? You could give her yours. Or a hat and mittens if you have an extra set. If you come across a homeless boy who needs to eat and you have leftovers, what’s the harm in giving them away?
Moreover, if you feel like you should help someone, do it! Offer help even if the person in question doesn’t ask for it – nonverbal cues can offer much more insight than words in these types of situations. Our culture programs empathy out of us, but each positive action has a ripple effect in our world.

4. I’m a natural at this!

People are often naturally talented at a variety of things. Things you may not realize until you doodle on a piece of paper in class or take a small acting role in the local theater.
People with extraordinary talents commonly choke when it’s time for them to perform, and all of it stems from letting their minds run haywire. They pay too much attention to their thoughts, rather than letting their instincts take over. Overthinking can often cause problems that didn’t even exist in the first place, especially in regard to your natural talents.
If something comes naturally to you, distract your mind with something other than the task at hand, such as a song or memory that makes you happy, and allow your instincts to take over instead.

5. This just feels right.

Whether it applies to changing careers, picking your next boyfriend or girlfriend, or deciding where to live, your intuition actually plays a bigger role than rational thinking in these decisions. When you make these life-altering choices, it mostly boils down to how you feel about them.
Blindly following your passion may not always make sense, but understanding when something you’re doing or someone you’re with makes you feel right is an important thing to do.
When something feels right, a light bulb goes off inside you and it doesn’t really require much cognitive ability – it comes easily to you. It’s important not to disregard the feeling that something is just so right. Listen to your gut instincts every time you make important decisions – it will help you choose the right path.
Source and courtesy: Power Of Positivity
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