Emotionally Strong People Do These 5 Things Differently

By definition, emotional strength involves a person’s ability to deal with challenges and bounce back from them.  Emotionally strong people are able to handle the day-to-day stresses and challenges of life more effectively.

Emotionally strong people are usually portrayed in the media as stoic types whose expression in a crisis is to square their jaw, clench their fists and dramatically stare off into the distance.  Any sign of emotional stress or tears, especially in men, is seen as a sign of weakness.  But emotional strength has little to do with how someone momentarily reacts in a crisis.
A person’s immediate reaction to a crisis matters much less than how they act afterwards.  If a plan falls through and you melt into a puddle of tears, but get up the next day and begin anew, that is a sign of emotional strength.  Understand?  Good!
Below are 5 signs that you are an emotionally strong person.

1. They don’t try to invalidate their feelings by using logic to stop them

Even if they don’t understand or like the feelings they’re having, they acknowledge that their feelings exist. They recognize that often uncomfortable feelings aren’t rational in nature, and so using logic to pretend they don’t exist is pointless and ineffective.

2. They seek respect more than attention

It’s a basic human desire to be loved and accepted by the group.   Unhappy people seek this feeling of love and respect by trying to create social superiority.  Emotionally strong people seek it by trying to earn the respect of those around them.

3. They focus on how to maneuver past obstacles, not on the obstacles themselves

While many people are stuck, unhappy and want to give up because they assume these obstacles are the end of the road, emotionally strong people see roadblocks as signs to take a different route.

4. They aren’t afraid to feel pain

Most people spend their whole lives avoiding pain at all cost.  They take refuge in relationships, in money, in sex, in beauty, in a desire to seem socially superior.  But, emotionally strong people are strong because they aren’t afraid to feel pain.  It is in denying and suppressing feelings that we ultimately lose control.

5. They see failure as a life lesson, rather than taking it as a sign they are unworthy

Emotionally strong people don’t seek external validation.  They know their worth, so they are able to learn from failure and criticism.  They view these things as tools to help them grow.

source and courtesy: dailyvibes.org
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