Press This Part Of Your Foot Everyday & See What Happens

Sometimes, modern medicines fail to get rid of certain health issues, which can miraculously be taken care of by practicing a few simple acupressure tricks.

Have you ever heard of the LV3 acupressure point on your feet? It is utilized in one of the most acclaimed natural methods of healing body aches and other health issues. This method is practiced extensively in China and other Asian countries.
LV3, also known as Tai Chong, stands for Liver three. It connects the live meridian to numerous body parts and thus affects your body and health in several ways.
You can locate the LV3 point between your big toe and the adjacent one by moving your fingers two fingers’ width downwards. You will find it somewhere near the protruding bone, but not exactly over it. The below picture will help you locate the point easily.
Pressing this point correctly for five minutes for three weeks continuously yields an enormous positive change in the body. Some of the miracles of pressing the LV3 point are as follows:

1. Pain Relief

Since the LV3 point is directly connected to the back, pressing it can help in relieving pain, and is mostly used to get relief from pain in genitals.
It is also said to be effective in alleviating menstrual cramps and speeding up the metabolic rate.

2. De-Stressing

LV3 point affects the stress levels positively, thereby helping you increase concentration.

3. Cures Issues Related To Digestion

As per modern reflexology, pressing this point enhances the digestion process and also helps in curing an upset stomach or hangovers.
It takes just two minutes a day, but the benefit that it provides are so amazing. Why not start practicing it from today itself?
source and courtesy: stylecraze
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