Six Most Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

Why men cheat, is the problem in him or you? Do you do something wrong or he simply wants changes? Whatever you think, you are right. Why does one men cheat? There are a lot of reasons and we wrote down the most common.

She misses the avanturistic spirit
Most of men when they need to say honestly whats the motive they cheated they say exactly this. Men are visual and avanturistic creatures, most of them like changes, experiments and fun. If you are one of those girls that just “do” your role, then don’t be surprised if you realise that your man is cheating.

She is always tired and too limited

This is also a answer to a lot of men that cheated their partners. If the partner is refusing often with the excuse that she is too tired, and during sex she doesn’t let him try something new, like oral sex, other more dynamic positions, that desire will remain deep in him and there will come a moment when they try it with someone else.
After we had a baby, everything changed
This is a big mistake that women do. After they have a baby, they almost completely forget about their partner and his needs. They are tired all the time, angry and moody, which is a big reason they look for relaxation somewhere else. We know you are a good mother and have little time, but to completely forget about your partner is simply not a excuse.
I realised I’m gay
As much as this sounds strange, some men after some period with a girl, realise they are gay and cheat on their girlfriend with a man. There is simply nothing to be done here, unless he stays on the attitude that he is gay and doesn’t belong with you.
She cheated first
If you had cheated, admitted and got over it, the chances for him to cheat are bigger than before you cheated. So, if something like this happens, sit down and talk, if she forgives and thinks about getting back together then you shouldn’t be together.
I was drunk, it just happened
This is a classic. Almost every man that cheated says this. Men in their genes are not programmed to have just one partner, so after they have a few drinks, the rest is history.
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