This Herb Improves Eyesight Even in People Older Than 70 Years. Solves Problems With the Eyes, Vision and Eye Pressure!

Eyebright or Euphrasia is a herb which can solve numerous eye problems. People also call it “the eyes of the Mother of God” due to its millennia old tradition of being a natural remedy for different eye problems. The alchemist Arnoldus Villanovanus dedicated his eulogy “ViniEuphrasiatitantoperecelebrati” to eyebright, claiming that it helped people regain lost vision, while the researcher Hildamus believed that it can improve vision in people over 80!
Eyebright is easily available and a great remedy for anyone dealing with any kind of eye problems.
The healing benefits of eyebright
Eyebright is rich in vitamin C, Glycoside rinantin, various essential oils, bitter substances and Eufrastan acid. According to alternative medicine practitioners, the herb is the best remedy against eye infections, dry eyes and eye pain. It can also reduce eye pressure and fatigue, and is a natural alternative to eye drops. Here’s what eyebright can help you with:
Eye infections;
Allergic reactions;
Iritis (inflammation of the iris);
Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid);
Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea);
Inflammation of the tear ducts;
Dry eyes and eye fatigue;
Irritation due to environmental factors or prolonged computer use;
Eyebright is used in homeopathy as a solution for curing a watery discharge from the eyesaccompanied by pain after light exposure.
Improve your eyesight with eyebright tea and compresses
Eyebright (in dry form or as a juice) should always be kept at home in case of eye problems. Fresh eyebright juice is a natural substitute for eye drops, while the dry variant of the plant is used to prepare a tea that you can use to rinse your eyes or as a compress. To prepare the tea, pour 2 dl. of boiling water over half a teaspoon of dry eyebright material and leave it to cool down for a couple of minutes, then strain it and rinse your eyes with the tea a couple of times a day.
If you use the tea as a compress, keep it on your eyes until it dries, or leave it to work overnight.
If your eyes are sensitive, dilute the tea with lukewarm water. For extreme infections, mix eyebright with some marigold, chamomile or fennel to recover faster. To reinforce your optic nerve, consume a small amount of powdered eyebright a couple of times a day orally or added to smoothies or drinks.
Eyebright compress for treatment of styes
Boil 250 ml. of water, then pour it over 3 tablespoons of dry eyebright and leave the mixture for 10 minutes. Afterwards, strain the tea and wrap the strained material in a gauze which you should put on a sty and keep it on for 5-7 minutes. The warmth of the compress will accelerate the healing and act therapeutically on the sty.
Eyebright tea improves your eyesight
The eyebright tea is easy to prepare – just pour 2 dl. of water over 2 teaspoons of dry eyebright material and leave the mixture for 15 minutes. In the end strain the tea, and drink a cup of it 3 times a day. Remember to always prepare a fresh brew and never add sugar to the tea.
Treating other diseases
Besides helping you overcome eye-related disease, eyebright can also help you treat bronchitis, rhinitis and the flu, while helping you defeat other respiratory conditions as well. It can help you in cases of digestive problems while also being effective against hay fever allergy and treating its symptoms. Eyebright can relieve headaches, insomnia and anxiety as well, and can also reduce the harmful effects of nicotine and alcohol addictions on the body.
Note: eyebright must always be prepared properly, and its dosage should be recommended by a professional. Consult with a doctor if you’re using it against extreme health problems. Oral administration of eyebright should be avoided by pregnant and lactating women as well as people with gallbladder problems, duodenal ulcers or liver disease.
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