This Woman Started Drinking 3 Litres Of Water A Day! The Results Are Shocking!

Most of our body functions and systems depend on water. Water helps carry nutrients to cells, flash out toxins from our vital organs, eliminate waste and ensure a moist the surrounding for our nose, ear and throat tissues. Hence, not drinking enough water may impair most of these functions.
Sarah Smith, 42 year old British woman and a mother of two suffered from constant migraines and ingestion. Her doctor and nutritionist suggested she stops taking caffeine and increase her water intake.
For 28 days, Sarah took 3 litres of water daily and the results were astonishing!
Week One: Waist 28in, Weight 8st 7lb 
Sarah consulted her local GP on whether taking three litres of water will affect her health.
“I suggest you have a big jug of water in the morning, then another in the afternoon and another in the evening,” he says.
“Your kidneys, which filter waste products from the blood before turning it to urine, will quickly feel the benefit, as they will be getting a good flush through.”
In the first week, Sarah noticed that was urinating more often, her bowels were less sluggish, and her flexibility improved.
Week Two: Waist 28in, Weight 8st 6lb 
After the second week she noticed that her headache was gone, and even her digestion improved. Her skin was less wrinkled, and her complexion was clearing. She also lost a pound.
“My complexion is improving and my skin tone is more even. I still have wrinkles under my eyes, but they look less creepy and shadowy than before. The blotches on my face are diminishing, and the shadows around my eyes are less pronounced,” she says.
Week Three: Waist 27.5in, Weight 8st 6lb 
On the third week she lost half an inch on her waist. She also realized that she was eating less because drinking water with meals was making her feel fuller quicker. Studies show that 37% of people usually mistake being thirsty for hunger.
Week Four:  Waist 27in, Weight 8st 5lb
She lost another 1lb and half an inch on the waist after the fourth week. She also noticed that her dark circles were completely gone, and so was the redness. Her skin also became smooth and had a more youthful appearance.

“I genuinely can’t believe the difference in my face. I look like a different woman. The dark shadows around my eyes have all but disappeared and the blotches have gone. My skin is almost as dewy as it was when I was a child. The transformation is nothing short of remarkable.”
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