Why Do Relationships These Days End In Breakups And Divorces?

If you are looking for an answer to this very common Question – Why do Relationships these days end in Breakups and Divorces? Then you are at the right place. We all have been in relationships and most of us have faced the pain of break ups and many of us have faced Divorce as well. What has happened that suddenly the numbers of break ups and divorce’s have started rising at an alarming rate? We all know, that Love is the one and the most important factor that holds any relationship, but why is it, that these days, Love starts fading making the relationship weaker and hollow? Here are the mistakes we all do when getting into a relationship. I hope after knowing these mistakes, you will take care in choosing a partner, and your relationship would not ever end in a breakup or Divorce.

Common Relationship Mistakes that become the reason of Breakups

Filmy Love and Real Love

We all need to grow up a little mature and understand that the Filmy love is very different from real love. Just like what we saw in films, we see someone, fall in love there and then and get committed. Well, this is Infatuation, Love is different, very different. We need to understand that, we can get attracted to a person for so many different reasons, but that is not Love. Attractions, comes in a flash of a second and disappears just like that. This is one of the most common factors of Breakups, Choosing a wrong Partner.

Give time to your relationship before Getting Committed

In the starting days, even the most incompatible person looks like the most compatible one. Give time to your relationship, let the bond gets stronger. Besides, knowing and flaunting the virtue of the person in front, try to know the vices. Can you stay with the person with all those vices forever?? If yes, then you can move ahead in that relationship. With time passing by, Vices of a person starts irritating you and that’s when most of the relationships fail.

Do not confuse SEX with Love

In the starting days of any relationship, you feel SEX more pleasurable which often is mistaken as Love. But eventually, with time, the pleasure of SEX becomes more of LUST. Think wisely, if you are actually in Love with the person or the sex drive is taking you towards just Lust.

Freedom of Communication

Communication can solve any problem, but most of the times couple end up arguing, ending up making things worse. We are all grown-ups and all we need to do is to communicate just to solve the misunderstandings or to understand the point of view of the person in the front is needed. Once, we listen to the point of the view or let the person clear the misunderstanding, all the problems willsought out.
The other problem with communication is – We are scared of starting a communication. A relationship, where you are scared to open up your heart can never succeed. We all need freedom to communicate and open our hearts in front of our partner.

Comparing your Partner

Every person has their own vices and virtues. Comparing your partner with your relatives, friends and partner of your friend is the biggest mistake we do. Accept your partner the way S/he is and do not compare them with anyone. When you compare your partner with someone, it hurts their Ego and makes their heartbreak.

Never make your Personal life Public

This is the new trend of today, making your personal life public, through Social networking sites.From posting your too much in Love photographs to your fights on social networking sites is like opening the window to your bedroom, so people can whenever poke in. This might seem fun in the starting, but later on it starts damaging a relationship.

Never hurry in getting committed

Before getting committed, understand the person. HIs likes, dislikes, his nature, his vices, his virtues, his mentality and your future together. Being in love and being in a relationship are two different things. When in Love, everything looks beautiful and you live in a dream world, but when in a relationship, everything is practical, you have lots of responsibilities and you live in the real world.

Learn How to manage the differences

You can never find a person who is just the exact copy of you. Learn how to manage the differences between your and your partner’s nature. Not agreeing on the same thing makes a relationship stronger, only when you know how to manage it. Learn the art, and don’t curse your partner for not agreeing with what you like.

Not expressing Love

Every person in a relationship has the problem that their [partner has stopped expressing Love. In the beginning, every person loves expressing their Love, but with time passing by, this expressing of Love starts disappearing. You might have heard this statement quite often, “You have changed so much”. It is because, You actually have changed, you don’t show your Love anymore. Go on, there is no age to show Love, express it and bring back the Magic of Love in your relationship.
These are some common mistakes we all do that we all do these days, which becomes the reason of Relationships ending in Breakups and Divorce’s.
source and courtesy: trendsnhealth
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