Referred pain is a pain you feel in some part of the body but it is caused from pain in some other place. Don’t panic if you don’t understand this definition because we have explanation for everything.
This in fact is related pain which is may be experienced at several places in the body. It is very important to know this referred pain because it may be pointing out to some serious disease in your body but often is ignored. Well, even the minor or common pain in your body is very significant and below we present you a list of nine most common referred pains.
  1. Heart
Pain in the chest area or around the heart as well as pain in the left arm and upper part of the back is indication to heart diseases. If you experience this kind of pain the best is to visit your doctor and do the required tests and take medicine.
The reason why the cardiac pain is experienced at exactly this part of the body is because the heart sends impulses to the same levels of the spinal cord that receive cardiac sensation.
  1. Lung and Diaphragm
Pain in the neck and upper shoulder area indicate to some issues with the lungs and diaphragm. This means that you will also experience some breathing problems and constant pain in the neck. If you are experiencing this pain and it is not a result of bad sleeping position, you should consult your doctor for treatment.
This pain is a result of inefficient respiration that causes problems with the phrenic nerve that goes from the spine, thought the lungs down to the diaphragm.
  1. Liver and Gallbladder
Pain in the neck, upper shoulder areas and in the right side of the body bellow the nipple indicates to problems with the liver or gallbladder. This condition is very serious and must be identified on time and treated. If you feel any of this pain for longer period don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.
This pain occurs as a result from the pressure of the diaphragm which is connected with the phrenic nerve that causes the pain.
  1. Stomach and Pancreas
Pain in specific front and back part of the body indicates to problems with the stomach or pancreas. This referred pain is very difficult to be identified because is one of the most common pains but it is very important.
Around 50% of people with pancreas diseases experience this kind of pain especially in the upper quadrants and very often they ignore it until something worse happens.
  1. Small Intestine
Pain in the abdominal area near the belly button means problems with the small intestine. This pain is not that common but often ignored but it is a symptom of serious complications that lead to surgeon.
This pain is indication that the small intestine is having inflammation, intestinal spasm or some functional disorder.
  1. Colon and Appendix
Specific pain in the abdomen refers to colon and appendix problems. It is vital to seek pain immediately in order to avoid serious complications.
“Right iliac fossa” is called the right side of the middle-lower abdomen where this pain usually appears.
  1. Kidney
Pain in the lower back, abdomen, pelvis and upper leg indicate to problems with kidneys. Kidneys are the most important and vulnerable part of our body so if you experience this kind of pain for longer period visit your doctor and he/she will recommend you the right therapy.
This pain is specific and it is a result of the pressure the kidneys do on this part of the body when they are swollen or ill.
  1. Bladder
Pain in the lower pelvis on the front and back side indicates to problems with the bladder. Medical exam is needed to check which part of the urinary tract is causing the pain and what treatment should be used. This is very serious pain and if you experience it, you should consult your doctor immediately.
This pain is caused by an infection of the bladder or some other part of the urinary tract.
  1. Ovary
Pain in both sides of the abdomen indicates to problems with the ovaries. This pain is one of the first symptoms of ovarian cancer or ovarian cysts. This is very important for the woman’s reproductive organs and it needs to be treated as fast as possible. Even a minor infection may cause great problems and pain.
This is a sharp, stabbing pain caused by cysts.
It is very important to know and identify referred pain because it may save your life. Study the pictures above and learn how to differentiate common pain vs. referred pain and help yourself, your friends and family.
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