6 Signs Your Partner Is Truly In Love

When two people fall in love, the beginning can seem almost like a guessing game. They’re constantly thinking about how vulnerable to be, what emotions to show, which ones to hide, and just how much insight to provide the other person into how they’re feeling. The beginning of a serious relationship can be fun for these reasons, but it can also be a little confusing.

However, people generally tend to show the same signs when they start to really fall for someone. If you’re observant, these signs will tell you whether or not the person you’ve started dating feels as seriously as you do about the relationship. Check out these six signs to see where you stack up with your significant other.

1. They Make Plans for Two

When a person gets serious about a relationship, they no longer make plans for just themselves, they make them for two. If you’re in a relationship and can’t tell if your significant other is serious, see how he or she sets their schedule. If you’re involved without having to assert yourself, chances are things are getting pretty serious.

2. They Act Like Themselves

One way to tell if someone really cares about you is by observing how they act. When you’re comfortable with someone, you aren’t afraid to be your normal, silly self.
This can be a major indicator into the seriousness of a relationship; the more comfortable your partner is around you, the more serious the relationship is getting. If it’s hard to see your partner’s true self, it may be time to move on.

3. They Take the Time

If your partner takes a while to get ready, if they care about how they look when you go out, or they work really hard to create a memorable evening, it’s a good sign they are falling for you.
Taking the time, even for the smaller aspects of dating life, can show a lot about how someone feels. If your partner doesn’t spend time on themselves for your sake, chances are they don’t feel very serious about the relationship.

4. They Tell You How They Feel

At the beginning of a relationship, it can be hard to tell someone how you truly feel. However, if your partner decides to open up and express their feelings, it doesn’t take a relationship guru to see that things are heating up. Opening up to someone isn’t easy, so when it happens in your relationship, this is a major sign that your partner is falling for you.

5. Other People Get Set Aside

One easy way to tell your partner is falling for you is by how they treat other people in their lives. The beginning of a relationship can be intoxicating, and you may find yourself only wanting to spend time with the person you’re dating. If you notice that your partner is setting plans aside just to spend time with you, you can rest assured that they are getting serious.

6. You Quirks Are Endearing

When it comes to your friendships, your quirks can be used against you. Even your own family will make fun of them, and you, mercilessly. However, you know it’s getting serious with your significant other if he or she finds them endearing.
Your partner will understand that these little things about you actually make you who you are, and that’s a big deal.
source and courtesy: Daily Vibes
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