Watch This Man’s Reaction to Society After Spending 44 Years in Prison

We can certainly learn from this man…a man who sees the world without a filter. His reaction to society and technology is priceless.
Imagine coming into a brand new world after being confined to a prison for 44 years. This is the reality for Otis Johnson, who entered prison at age 25 and was released at age 69.
“I looked at the atmosphere and I seen that everybody, or the majority of people were talking to themselves and then I looked a little closer, and they seem to have things in their ears. Iphones they call it, or something like that.”
Otis lost contact with his family in 1998 and is mostly alone in this new world.
“I used to love children and that’s one of the good memories I have.”
Nonetheless, this wise old man hasn’t allowed his longing for family to tear him down. He enjoys his freedom and makes the best of the new world he lives in.
“In prison you can only go outside at certain times, so I like being in the sun and observing people. It’s nice to be free.”
Otis finds his new life to be full of all kinds of “crazy stuff,” like coloured drinks, videos playing in the windows, and crazy jars that contain both peanut butter and jelly. When he doesn’t have anything to do, he likes to sit in the park and meditate.
“You gotta let things go because holding onto anger will only stagnate your growth and development. I don’t feel society owes me anything. Everything happens for a reason, I believe. I try to go forward and that’s how I survive in society.”

He’s kind of the cutest man ever…
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