When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her to Live Without You

No matter how needy your girlfriend is you should never ignore her, especially if you really care about her. When it comes to women being ignored is what we hate the most.

It doesn’t matter if your relationship is new or old, you should be putting the proper effort into showing you care! I cannot tell you how often I see people out and about in public ignoring one another. If you’re out with your lady you should not be on your phone nonstop. Put that shit down for a minute! Now, I could see messaging your boss back or if there’s a family emergency going on but scrolling through Facebook when there’s a beautiful bored woman sitting across from you at dinner something is WRONG!
While at first, she may deal with it but eventually she will let you know she has had enough. She will begin pretending to be on her phone as well even though she could care less about the phone and just wants your undivided attention. In most cases she won’t talk to you about it, she will just stop trying to get your attention altogether.
When you ignore her you are showing her that she does not need you. If you don’t text her back she learns not to text you as often, she learns that she shouldn’t waste her time. She will remember you ignoring her and she will learn how to live without you in her life because the more you ignore her the more she will push you away.
We live in a world where men think it is okay to leave their girlfriends on the back burner but it is not okay. If you ignore your lady she will find someone better I can guarantee that. You see when you ignore her, you are telling her that she is not worth your time. She is not worth talking to at dinner, she is not worth texting back, and you do not care. Even if you don’t intend for her to think those things, she will.
She will think that you are not as into her, that you are cheating, that you are bored with her and want something different, that you are going to leave. No woman should ever have to feel unwanted especially by their significant other. No matter what you have going on in life or on social media you should do your best to pay attention to that special lady in your world. She will be there for you through everything. Try putting the phone down and spending time with the person right in front of you. If you think your lady is feeling underappreciated go the extra mile and do something nice for her, she will be grateful and you will feel better as well.
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