10 Biggest Reasons People Fall Out of Love

Love. Sometimes it doesn’t last a lifetime.
Here are ten reasons why people fall out of love:
1. They stopped communicating. Conflict went unresolved, needs went unexpressed, and affirmations went unspoken. If good communication is key to building a healthy relationship, the lack of it can surely dissolve one.
2. They took each other for granted. It’s easy to assume that love is unconditional and to subsequently get lazy with each other. When respect and kindness disappear, so can the love.
3. Expectations weren’t met. In the beginning, it’s easy to accommodate your partner’s needs and wishes. Over time, however, people often default to “just being themselves” and stop bending to the expectations of their partner if those expectations are not shared ones.
4. One of them discovered something new about his/her partner. Betrayal can radically alter how someone feels about their partner. Discovering that your partner has hidden something from you, cheated on you, or behaved in a way that’s inconsistent with who you thought they were can do irreparable damage to the relationship.
5. Overwhelming jealousy took over. Yes, it’s reassuring to know that your partner wants you for himself. But when jealousy takes over, there’s no room for trust.

6. The relationship wasn’t built on a solid foundation. If the relationship started poorly, moved too fast in the beginning, or was the product of an affair, it’s likely not rooted enough to withstand time or overcome any real relationship obstacles.
7. Incompatibility. As a couple gets to know one another better — and the initial fireworks die down — they may discover that their lifestyles, priorities, and values don’t align.
8. Boredom. Or exhaustion. The relationship has either lost its spark or become too much work for one or both people to handle.
9. A major life event changed things. She’s given birth and he no longer sees her as a lover, just as a mother. He got fired and suddenly retreats into depression and refuses her help. Instead of embracing life’s adventures together, some couples crack under the pressures of hardships or the unknown.
10. It wasn’t love in the first place. Lust can disguise itself as love. Once the honeymoon is over, however, it can also leave a relationship feeling empty and lacking.
source and courtesy: eharmony.com
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