111 Ways to Say “I Love You” To Your Partner

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with your partner, they will never get tired of hearing those three little words that mean so much. However, sometimes, you need to spice things up a bit and put a creative spin on telling your partner you love them. You can even “tell” them how you feel without actually saying a word! As they say, actions speak louder than words, so maybe this long list of ways to show your partner how you feel about them will get you inspired to sweep your lover off their feet all over again.
Life can sometimes get in the way of even the strongest relationships, so this list will help you get ideas on how to continue nurturing and growing your relationship, even when times seem tough.


1) Send a cute text message or leave a love note in their purse/wallet before they leave for work.
2) Buy your cutie their favorite snack on your next shopping trip.
3) Make them a special dinner in the middle of the week, just because you can.
4) Learn something with your partner that they have an interest in, such as surfing or playing guitar.
5) Kiss your partner unexpectedly, like when you’re waiting in line for ice cream.
6) Bake something sweet and delicious for him/her to show you care.
7) Give him or her a compliment and watch their face light up.
8) Write him/her a poem or love letter, and leave it in the mailbox for them to find.
9) Look at old photos of you two together.
10) Write down what you love about your partner, and share it with him/her.
11) Give your partner a full body massage.
12) Take your lover on a cute date, like a picnic.
13) Buy your partner a small gift, like flowers or a candy bar.
14) Learn to love the little things about your partner that you find annoying.
15) Cuddle your partner in the mornings before work.
16) Go walk in nature together, and get lost to your heart’s content.
17) Massage your lover’s neck while they drive.
18) Give him/her a compliment in front of others.
19) Buy him/her tickets to their favorite band.
20) Allow your special someone to pick where to eat next time.
21) Send flowers to their workplace, along with a cute love note.
22) Call just because you can.
23) Make him/her a thoughtful homemade gift, like a hat or scarf.
24) Wash his/her car as a nice surprise.
25) Do an errand for them that they haven’t had time for lately.
26) Say something totally mushy and cute (but genuine) on your social media about them.
27) Invite him/her out with your friends for an evening.
28) Make them breakfast in bed.
29) Do something totally crazy and unordinary with them, like skydiving.
30) Forget about adulting for a day, and just spend all day with them in bed.
31) Ask them what’s on their mind, and listen.
32) Share with him/her why you chose them out of everyone else.
33) Write a song about them.
34) Tell your partner how cute/attractive/handsome/beautiful they are.
35) Look your partner in the eyes for a few moments, and just smile.
36) Become your partner’s workout buddy.
37) Massage his/her feet after a long day of work.
38) Clean up the house for him/her.
39) Tell your partner how beautiful their mind/soul is, and why.
40) Go to a yoga/meditation class with your partner, even if you aren’t that into it.
41) Kiss him/her on the forehead.
42) Read books in bed together.
43) Tell your lover that you believe in them.
44) Buy your SO’s favorite incense or candles.
45) Plan a vacation together to a place that your lover wants to go.
46) Take your lover out for breakfast one morning.
47) Plan a romantic date, but don’t tell them where you’re going. Surprise them.
48) Help them accomplish their goals, one step at a time.
48) Make a scrapbook of your favorite pics together.
49) Redecorate the house/bedroom with some of his/her favorite colors, artwork, etc.
50) Try out tantric sex together(as long as they feel comfortable first).
51) Watch his/her favorite show or movie with them.
52) Tell your partner to get in the car, and drive them to a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.
53) Put away your phone and pay complete attention to him/her.
54) Turn off all electronics for a day, and spend time talking and reconnecting to your lover.
55) Help your partner solve a problem in their life.
56) Style your partner’s hair, just for fun.
57) Make a healthy meal for him/her.
58) Encourage your lover to follow their dreams, no matter how big.
59) Burn a CD for him/her, or just make a playlist for them.
60) Listen to them with the intent to understand, not to reply.
61) Help him/her clean out their car.
62) Watch a sunrise or sunset with your lover.
63) Laugh with them.
64) Allow him or her to be vulnerable and open without judgment.
65) Pull out old boardgames to play together.
66) Watch a mind-opening documentary together, and talk about it afterwards.
67) Send him/her a funny meme or video at work.
68) Give your mate a big, long hug.
69) Help him or her get over one of their fears, and be there every step of the way.
70) Let them finish talking completely before you reply.
71) Do a chore that they normally do, such as grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning.
72) Ask about their day.
73) Write a love message on the back of their car.
74) Bring your partner to their favorite place.
75) Take them hiking somewhere beautiful.
76) Wash the laundry for him/her.
77) Choose to see only the good qualities about your partner.
78) Do something you normally would hate, but they love, such as watching a sports game together.
79) Accept him/her as they are, today.
80) Do something therapeutic together, like a massage, acupuncture, etc.
81) Choose to sit in silence together for a bit, and just enjoy each other’s company.
82) Shower or bathe together.
83) Go somewhere quiet where the two of you can just relax and bond without distractions.
84) Make a yummy meal with your man or woman.
85) Help them silence his/her biggest insecurities.
86) Work on a project together, such as cleaning the house or building a bookshelf.
87) Allow them to share their deepest thoughts without criticism or interruptions.
88) Ask your partner about their biggest dreams, and help them to reach their goals.
89) Play their favorite song in the car.
90) Try couple’s yoga!
91) Tell jokes with your partner.
92) Surprise your lover with morning sex to get the day started on the right note!
93) Plant a long, passionate kiss on their lips unexpectedly.
94) Go stargazing with them.
95) Listen to an educational podcast or YouTube channel together.
96) Tell him/her “I love you” in public.
97) Commit to saying positive affirmations with him/her in the mornings and evenings.
98) Create a sanctuary somewhere in your home or apartment for them to retreat to on hard days.
99) Tell them how wonderful they are, just because.
100) Buy him/her a new shirt that you know they’d love.
101) Go see a concert with your lover.
102) Initiate sex by making the first move.
103) Build up your partner with kindness and encouragement.
104) Act like kids for a day and color, draw, play outside, roll around in the grass, go to a playground, etc.
105) Sit outside and enjoy the day together.
106) Look up at the clouds with your lover and figure out what shapes they make.
107) Plan a fun roadtrip together.
108) When something stressful happens, give them a hug until they calm down.
109) When you get angry with him/her, take a few deep breaths before you respond.
110) Take a walk in the park together, and bring a soccer ball or Frisbee for something fun to play with!
111) Learn a new sport together, and practice it often!
source and courtesy: Power of Positivity
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