1. You seek meaning in everything, from crafting conspiracy theories to periodic placements in text.
2. You tend to escalate every daily struggle in your life, making things more difficult for yourself.
3. You tend to hold on to everything. By running over the details a few more times, you’re certain you will finally uncover some new understanding or change the outcome of a situation.
4. Unsure of almost everything. Choosing a school, the brand of bread you purchase to your outfit in the morning all come with equal amounts of angst.
5. Interpreting things could offer you a Master’s Degree!
6. Being critical usually sets you pretty much on point, there are times where you have to come to terms with the fact that not everything has a cryptic message or deeper meaning attached.
7. Thanking your friends for sticking around to hear you run over the same relationship quote once again, never really arriving at a different conclusion. It’s just the act of overthinking that does it for you.
8. Taking things out of context seems quite a normality for you. Taking that one word in a comment and finding an additional meaning for it is something you’re usually pretty good at.
Usually this turns into a completely harmless sentence now cursing you, your family and their whole existence.
9. The feeling of regret after sending that text message, the hesitation of writing an email, deleting and rewriting tweets – all because you could have / should have said something better than what you did and will.
10. Sleep? What’s that? You struggle to fall asleep at night, it’s so quiet – the perfect time to run through your day and all the racing thoughts you may have.
11. You constantly convince yourself that you are living the worst case scenario.
12. Social media – the minefield for your thoughts. The comment after yours on a post, the wink emoji, so many subtle personal attacks on you.
13. Proudly ranting to your friends about how you’ve figured out the subliminal message in a text or what someone really meant is usually shot down with a “You are so overthinking this, I can’t even right now.”
14. Every banal side comment is directed at you and you spend all day torturing yourself about the meaning behind it.
15. God forbid someone unfollows you on Twitter or Instagram! You wont sleep until you’ve figured out who it was and why.
source and courtesy: Spirit Science
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