Are you aware you are a magnificent multidimensional being of light compressed into this physical form to help raise the consciousness of the collective and share your truest nature, your Essence, with the world?
Your deepest light Essence is held within an ethereal womb located in your lower abdomen – what we call in Traditional Chinese Medicine the lower ‘Dan Tian’. The lower Dan Tian is an energy center that lies at the very roots of your life and forms the foundation for your earthly existence. It is the center that holds your Jing, which the ancient Chinese referred to as ‘Essence’.
The quality and quantity of your Essence is determined at the time of conception when the Essence of your mother combines with that of your father. At this point the heavenly influences from the stars and planets make their imprint; all this combined creates a blueprint which you carry throughout your entire life. This sacred blueprint determines your vitality, personality and ancestral karma; it is who you are in this lifetime, which signifies the deep sacredness of this Essence. 
Over the course of your life your Essence steadily diminishes. When it is all used up it signals the end of this earthly life and your spirit will leave your body, since this sacred substance serves as an ethereal anchor to hold your Spirit in your body. Modern day living is not designed to honour and nourish your vitality. Your diet and lifestyle, but most of all the state of your consciousness, greatly influence the quality and quantity of your Essence.
In order to live a healthy, vital and fully empowered life and step into your magnificence it is essential for you to understand how to nourish your Essence, which is an ancient and almost forgotten sacred art. The art of nourishing this sacred substance is to build it up to a point of absolute abundance that it naturally spills over into the collective to help heal it. The mark of a well-nourished self is the ability to nourish others.
So how do you build and nourish your Essence, because the world needs you to be your most empowered and magnificent self?
The first signs of being out of touch with your Essence are: a constant tiredness that actually gets worse when you rest; feeling lost and empty, with no sense of direction in life; a strong lack of sense of self with no clear definition of who you are; and feeling ungrounded all the time.
If you can identify with any of this symptoms than you have been living a life with no real integrity towards yourself. It is highly likely that you are a highly sensitive being, with a strong sense of empathy. You are likely to be there more for others than yourself and you find it hard to feel into your own needs, desires and pleasures.
There are three essential steps you can take to bring yourself back to yourself and step fully into the magnificent light that you are.
Step one: Break the paradigm of not feeling good enough to receive pleasure in life. Serving others is not about suffering or sacrificing yourself. It is important to understand that you are only really capable of helping and supporting others when you are fully replenished and full of light again. Every act of self-sacrifice actually depletes your Essence directly as you are literally giving yourself away to others. Stop this and learn to keep your Essence for yourself, trusting that it will naturally spill over to support others when the time is right.
Step two: Learn to take space for yourself at the right time. This is not a selfish act but it is a sacred act for the Self. Being a highly sensitive being it is very likely for you to pick up on the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others and then carry them throughout your daily life. When this happens your Emotional Digestive System becomes overwhelmed and starts to affect your physical digestive system. You take in too many impulses without taking the time to properly digest them – similar to eating while you are running.
When you take personal space, or even better, when you do a meditation practice, you take the time to digest these impulses you have received and held throughout your day. The main sign to know when you need personal space is when you start to feel agitated. If you want to learn more about the Emotional Digestive System and how it directly relates to your Essence read my article on this fascinating subject.
Step three: Build your Essence through a simple and very effective technique called Dan Tian Breathing. The theory behind Dan Tian Breathing is vast – read my article on this ancient and profound technique.
Your Essence can be seen as an ethereal anchor to help hold your spirit in your body. Your spirit is made out of the most ethereal substance and without a proper anchor it leaves the body. This is how we feel scattered and ungrounded all the time, because we are literally not fully in our body. By building up your Essence you actually ground and collect the scattered parts of your consciousness, which will make you feel much more embodied.
All of this is an art and takes practice to integrate it into your everyday routine, but by using these steps you will make rapid improvement in the overall quality of your life. You will feel more vital, empowered and embodied: an even better version of yourself. Don’t forget that your Essence is not something you step into, but simple relax and surrender into.
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source and courtesy: Spirit Science
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