5 Signs You Give Too Much

While kindness and compassion are great qualities to have, there is such a thing as giving too much. It’s important to care about other people, but there’s a point where it can become self-destructive and cost you your own happiness.

Here are five signs you might be caring and giving just a little too much.

1. People Take Advantage of You

When you make a habit of putting the needs of others above your own needs, people are bound to notice. Your true friends won’t take advantage of your kindness, but your acquaintances will. People around you might start to expect that you’ll always give in to whatever it is that they want. Standing up for yourself doesn’t mean you have no sympathy for others. When you feel overwhelmed, unhappy, or you simply don’t agree with someone else, it’s OK to say no.

2. You Hide Your True Feelings

If you’re the only one who feels a certain way, you keep your opinion to yourself. You’re afraid of standing out in a group and disagreeing with what everyone else thinks, because you’re worried they won’t like you if you voice your opinion. Caring too much about what others think of you will eventually drive you crazy. You can’t make everyone like you, no matter what you do. Be yourself, be kind, and the people in your life will like you for who you are.

3. You Put Everyone’s Needs Above Your Own

Only a truly selfless person is able to constantly put the needs of others above their own, but this can be the most draining aspect of being a kindhearted person. It makes it easier for others to use you to get ahead. Setting boundaries is extremely important. Make sure that others don’t view your compassion as weakness.

4. You Don’t Spend Enough Time Taking Care of Yourself

When you devote all of your time to making sure others are happy, you might not have time left for yourself. Don’t let your schedule get so packed that there’s no room left to do the things you love. It’s just as important to give yourself love and attention as it is to care for others. In order to be happy and thrive, you need alone time to relax, breathe, practice your hobbies and recharge.

5. You Seem to Attract Needy People

Being overly nice and caring can have its downfalls, and needy people are one of them. Those who are needy or desperate often seek out someone they can use to get what they want. When someone is kind and compassionate, they may see it as an opportunity. Be careful not to become a doormat. Learn to help them without sacrificing your own happiness. When a situation is too much to handle, or someone is asking too much of you, learn how to step back and say no. Saying no isn’t mean or selfish – it’s often very necessary. The world needs people who are kind and compassionate, but don’t let others take advantage of your selfless qualities.

source and courtesy : David Wolfe
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