Buddhism says: Relax.

Shamata, the fundamental Buddhist meditation practice, can be translated as resting the mind. Rest the mind in the present moment. The present moment includes the past (wisdom, tradition, memories, learning) the future (enlightened people still make plans, pay bills) and yet is neither the present (which animals can be seen to fully inhabit), past, or future. It’s nothing, and yet it’s everything. How do we get there? We come back, again and again, from our self-concern, through the practice of meditation, to the fullness and emptiness of right here, right now. And before we know it, our minds are in the habit of being clear, open, sharp, with a light touch.

Tilopa, wild n’crazy Buddhist master, knows what’s up:
Photo taken at Shambhala Mountain Center: @waylonlewis on Instagram

Credit: Elephantjournal
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