How To Protect Your Power By Loving Yourself

Knowing how to value and love yourself is one of the most important factors in achieving your Personal Power.

Loving yourself enough to protect your personal power plays a vital role in achieving your goals and dreams in life. It is essential to living a life that is filled with self-empowerment, gratitude, authenticity and love.
Cultivating a practice of gratitude further helps you achieve Personal Power Perfection by letting go of past painful experiences and focusing on forgiveness and the present moment.
Forgiveness of yourself and of others must be dealt with and moved through to reach the life you desire. Both forgiveness and gratitude can change your life in monumental ways.
Self-empowerment and self-love will serve as your guide to reach the level of inner peace that you deserve.
The tips you read about in this article will teach you how to love yourself and protect your personal power perfectly.

1. Love yourself

In order to attain the true essence of Personal Power Perfection, you must first learn to love yourself. Just as the Bible says, “love thy neighbour as you love thyself”, it is important to understand that being able to love everything in your life also includes loving yourself.
It is one of the most important lessons to learn if you want to experience true and authentic self-confidence, and protect your personal power.
While you are learning how to love yourself, there are various steps that you can take to help you attain the Personal Power Perfection that you desire.

2. Washing out anger and grief

This is the first step that you need to take in order for you to reach Personal Power Perfection.
One way to practice washing out anger and grief is by making a journal with the following subheadings:
  • Things that you don’t like or admire about yourself
  • Things that you don’t like or admire about the people who are close to you
  • Things that you don’t like about your life
As you start listing all of your negative feelings on paper, you will begin to release all of the anger, guilt and grief that has been bottled up inside of you. Using a cathartic process such as this allows those feelings to wash away and lets Divine light come in to fill you up and purify your whole energy system.

Think of it as a cleaning lady that comes in and sweeps away all of your soul’s dirt. And doesn’t it always feel good coming home to a clean house?

3. Forgiving

The next step in learning to love yourself is forgiving yourself for all of the things that you think you’ve done wrong.
When we are constantly beating ourselves up for the mistakes we made, the bad choices, the bad relationships, and the bad financial decisions; which doesn’t allow love and compassion to show up in our life.
Please remind yourself that you are human, and human beings are not perfect. We make mistakes so that we can learn the lessons our soul came here to learn at this time.
When the bad memories from the past resurface, just remind yourself that is does no good to dwell in the past because you’ve already received the lesson from that bad experience and you’ve already forgiven yourself.
Lesson learned….next!

4. Build positive experiences

Another step in learning to love yourself, every single day of your life, is building positive experiences daily. My favourite way to do this is writing in a journal.
A great journal exercise is writing down all of the positive things that you admire about yourself, and remember to include the things that you’ve done well.
You can also write down positive things that you admire about the people who are a part of your life. Sometimes we forget what we love about our loved ones and friends until we sit down and begin to write.
This can remind us of just how much we have to be grateful for.
In this journal exercise, you don’t want to write down the negative thoughts about yourself; only the positive ones are allowed.
Then, once you’ve gotten into bed in the evening and begun to relax, spend some time reading over all of the positive things that you’ve jotted down about yourself and your loved ones.
It’s a great way to put your mind in a place of peace, pure joy, and gratitude about your life before going to sleep. This is a time when your subconscious mind is most susceptible to receiving positive messages.
Practicing the above steps of how to love yourself will serve as your beginning guide to understanding and achieving Personal Power Perfection.
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