This pregnant woman has gone through hell. But then she sees some light at the end of the tunnel.

This story appeared again on Facebook. It is based on a true story and leaves no one untouched. How are you doing?
(At the cash register of a supermarket. It is just before closing time and in front of me in the queue is a pregnant woman, so about 24 years old. She is wearing a baggy tracksuit and sees something lost. When our eyes meet briefly notice I to her a black eye. In my rattle the thoughts, but the woman looks away quickly ...)
Cashier : Do you have everything you need?
Pregnant : Yes, thank you. I would like to pay with my card. Can you briefly check if everything checks out so?
Cashier : Well, unfortunately, no. But we can cash in and see if that passes each item individually. Let me briefly abkassieren customers behind you. Then I have time for you.
Pregnant : Um, no. Unfortunately, time did 'not me. Let's give it easy, maybe there is still money on it.
(The cashier takes the items over the scanner and push the card into the terminal. There "not accepted" flashes.)
Cashier : Can you perhaps also pay cash?
Pregnant :. No (A tear rolled down her cheek) Definitely he has been banned!
Cashier : You mean ... the card locked?
Pregnant : Yes. My friend got me kicked out tonight. He came home and yelled at me, that the child may be from him never. Then he slapped my face and threw me out easily. After that, he must also have the same lock the card. I really do not know what to do with all that stuff here. A friend offered me their fridge until I found something of their own.
(A standing behind me customer has its say.)
Customer : You've no head! I'll take that for you.
(I step step aside, so that the man can proceed to checkout. His cage is full of food, intended for 150 euros. Pregnant woman The things also cost about 100 euros.)
Cashiers : With pleasure!
Pregnant : No! I can not accept it ...

Customer : That's okay so! You know, my mother was then thrown out by my father, because he thought that she is cheating on him. She has toiled around the clock. She had two jobs to zusammenzukriegen coal. So I know exactly what you are going through degrees. And I have promised myself that I will never allow again that such a bastard destroys a woman's life and that of her baby!
Pregnant : But anyway. That will not do! How much money is ... and I'm unemployed and can not pay back immediately.
Customer : Oh, never mind. Let me worry about the time. ( winks at her ) Do me a favor and let me take over. I've seen you here before often and I noticed how friendly and nice, they are always to the people here. And you know what? I might just need someone. I have a board and looking for a receptionist. The job is really easy. Come morning times past and we discuss everything. Employees can also live very low there by the way.
(Meanwhile, the cashier has scanned all things and packed in bags.)
Cashier : So. That makes a total of 267.11 Euro.
(The helpful man goes straight to the checkout, ranging hinüner his card and enters the PIN. Then he turns to the pregnant woman, who still looks quite disbelief and takes her in his arms. Then he says something)
Customer : That is it all again! Come back tomorrow and visit us. I mean it really seriously.
Good Man! Wherever you are, one thing I must tell you: you have given me back my faith in humanity. I thank you very much. And to the young, pregnant woman: I hope so much that you will soon maintain a healthy, young child in her arms and find someone who shares this happiness with you. Because you have more than deserved!And with the job has worked quite sure because you are born like that!
Wow, what a great story. So much human warmth is simply good. Share it with all those who are dear friends. You will be equally affected.
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