You Think You Are Breathing Properly? Here Are 5 Things That Will Show You That You Are Doing It Wrong!

We need practice to make it perfect. And we need to practice to breathe properly. Many people have been breathing wrong and aren’t aware of that. You need to use the total lung capacity so that you can breathe properly.
Here you can read about the 5 signs that show you have been doing it wrong
  1. Taking short breaths in short period of time- the body is compensating for the lack of oxygen in the body.
  2. The yawn comes more often- this means your breaths are shallow and there is lack of oxygen
  3. While sleeping you rub your teeth- this means you are suffering from chronic stress and irregular breathing
  4. Feeling tension in the neck and your shoulders- the pain comes from shallow breathing.
  5. Feeling tired all the time- due to lack of oxygen the energy level is low and you are feeling chronic fatigue.
Here is a list of how you can breathe properly:
  1. You need to sit on a chair or lay on the floor
  2. Next relax the arms and legs, or hold them straight
  3. You need to pay attention while breathing not to move your shoulders, abdomen or chest
  4. Breath from the stomach and exhale only through your nose and not the lips
  5. You need to do this exercise for about 2 minutes.
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