Every morning, I get up, make coffee and sit down to write. Essentially, I find myself regularly burning incense while I am in my deepest of concentration. The spicy, yet sweet scent of Nag Champa slowly drifting through the house is absolutely inspiring.

The burning of incense is peaceful, can lift the spirit and bring back the fondest of memories, it helps me to settle into my yoga ritual, cleans my mind from all negativity and leaves the home feeling warm and smelling beautiful.
How does one go about choosing the right incense that fits into your personal being? I usually roam through organic market places, in search of what resonates to me.

Here are 12 fun ways to incorporate incense into your life:

1. Yoga

Always choose quality, genuine incense, no need to breathe in toxic fumes while trying to be one with yourself.
2. Meditation

 As incense naturally soothes your nerves, you may find it eases your process into deep meditation.

3. To simply unwind

Life should be about feeling great, connecting with oneself and finding the sacredness in this rushed world we live in.

4. Emotional release

Each essential oil used in the production of incense possesses it’s own unique qualities. Find the right one that instills tranquility and calm for those moments when you feel truly frazzled.

For those moments when you need a lift, find some that creates positive energy. There are even a few that are aimed at sensual and physical arousal!

5. Deepen your spirituality

 You could make incense your portal to true spirituality, as historically known to open trapped Chakras, heighten the senses and to create overall harmony, there are a few you should try if this is what you wish to achieve.

Jasmine, Kewda, Sandalwood, Mogra and Vetiver are all common choices.

 6. Inspiration

What do I seek when I truly need inspiration? I burn white sage ( Salvia Apiana) to clear the air of any negativity and I find myself so open minded and lifted, I could pretty much tackle the largest of projects without any restraint.  Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender may also be of benefit.

7. Need a routine revamp?

Need a routine revamp? Try lighting up an incense stick in the evening and read a book instead of watching TV or burn some while getting ready for work in the morning.

8. Heightened awareness

Incense has a powerful way of lifting our senses, making us more aware. It’s always a good thing to be more sharp and alert when it comes to our inner being.

 9. Self-nurturing

 We all have a favorite food, drink or hobby. Why not find a favorite scent to lift your home or workplace?

10. Healing

Being a journalist is a very therapeutic practice for me, incense steps this up a notch and makes everything seem even better than before, I am left so inspired I might just start on my novel I’ve been putting off for a while!

11. Soothing

Some prefer essential oils in their bath, i love sinking into a deep bubble bath with the lingering scent of Lavender and Jasmine or picking up the soft, yet uplifting scents of Sandalwood while showering.

12. For that “special” time with your partner

Sensuality can sometimes be a very hushed subject, but let’s be real. We all seek the most connected of lovemaking and I find that incense may just bump this up a notch. There’s something very sensual about the scents of foreign lands to get you in the mood.
If you are an incense junkie like me, what are your favorites and why? If you have never tried burning incense in your home, maybe give them a try, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised!

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