5 Extraordinary Changes Happening in the World Today That Most People Haven't Noticed

People all over the world are starting to see things differently. They’re starting to question and challenge the status quo, and for the better. However, many people seem to be missing exactly what’s happening.
Here are five incredible shifts that are happening on a global scale:
Collaboration is being chosen over the free-for-all mentality
Competition and the mantra that it’s “every man for himself” has fallen to wayside to make room for creative collaboration. The focus is no longer on a national level, but on a global level. The same crises that one country faces will also be faced by the next, so support for one another is extended without hesitation.
Even though it might feel like we are growing apart, the truth is that Earth’s people have never been more together.
Mass consumerism is starting to stop
‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ is no longer the mindset of every person in a developed nation. No longer do we feel as if we need the latest and greatest innovations in technology. We’re not drooling over the latest smartphone, because our old one works just fine. We no longer need the newest vehicle or the best brands of clothing.
Overspending is a way of the past. Less and less people are buying cars. We’re finally starting to realize that we don’t need all of the things we’ve always been told we needed to survive.
Healthy, organic foods are making a comeback
For the longest time people ate whatever they wanted without really being forced to think about what they were eating. Now, after it’s come to light that so many corporations have been creating foods that are basically poisonous, people are starting to demand healthier foods.
As more and more of the global population begins to change the way they eat, those in control of our food supplies will have to listen and adapt to the emerging health-based mindset of the people.
Spirituality is taking hold and it’s here to stay
Yoga and meditation used to be things that only hippies practiced. But now, spirituality and looking inward has become commonplace, and so many people are benefitting because of it. Schools are starting to teach their young ones how to practice mindfulness. Companies and businesses are starting to provide meditation as a means to center themselves and become more grounded.
People are starting to question the traditional model of employment
While some folks are still clinging to their pride of being able to work long hours on little amounts of sleep, the rest of us starting to challenge the notion of working to live. People are starting to recognize that they need more out of life. They want purpose.
More and more people are ready to drop every last thing in their life to drop off the grid and take up living in some remote part of the country where life is much more simple. People are done being slaves to a lifestyle that they don’t feel invested in.
source and courtesy: Daily Occupation 
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