The plant we are going to talk about today is powerful enough to stop nicotine cravings and even promote weight loss. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and smoking are the leading causes of death in the 21st century. These conditions and addictions can be lethal because they cause heart attacks, strokes or even cancer.
Luckily there is a way to treat obesity, hypertension and diabetes with just one plant. This plant is also able to help smokers not to gain weight after quitting smoking. You are probably wondering about the name of this miraculous plant. It comes from the chrysanthemum family, originates from Paraguay and the name is Stevia.

This plant has been used as a natural sweetener since a long time ago because it is an excellent source of natural sugar for those who are trying to avoid refined sugar. Also, people who want to lose weight, diabetics and cancer patients are advised to consume stevia.
Researchers have discovered that this plant is able to regulate blood sugar levels because its glycemic index is 0. This means that consuming stevia will not cause an increase of glucose in the blood which is very important for patients who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
Stevia is also excellent in fighting acne and dermatitis. Using it as a mask will make the skin smoother and softer and it will reduce the wrinkles.
However, you don’t have to suffer from any of the conditions we mentioned to start using stevia. This plant is rich in numerous nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, chromium, zinc and vitamins A,B and C which are very beneficial for healthy individuals too.
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