14 Signs and Red Flags You Are Just An Option And Not Your Partner’s Priority

Romantic relationships can be tricky to navigate, especially when they are not going quite as well as one would like or expect them to.

Usually towards the end of them one person suddenly wakes up to the fact, or starts to realize, that they are no longer a priority in their partner’s eyes. Instead, they’ve become an option and are treated as if they are not as important as they should be.
It’s no secret that people are complex and we constantly change our minds about what it is we want or need. We also tend to lie to ourselves in order to feel better about certain things that are frustrating or bothering us. This seems to be especially true when relationships begin to break down. While all the signs that you are not a priority may be right in front of your face, you ignore them or write them off as insignificant.
However, being an option rather than a priority never feels good and if the following signs are true of your relationship, you may want to have a serious talk with your partner:
1. They never ask you about your life, family, career, health, or anything of substance and show a complete lack of interest in what your passionate about. If they truly cared, they would want to know these things.
2. They make excuses as to why the two of you can’t be together either exclusively or at all. This is a major red flag because excuses or hesitation on their part mean they don’t care as much as they should about being in a relationship with you.
3. You never go out in public together to eat, see a movie, or do anything social as a couple. Instead, you always meet up at their place or yours and they always have an excuse to avoid going out.
4. You make all of the sacrifices and give into their wants or demands when it comes down to it.
5. When you threaten to leave them or express how unhappy you are they know just what to do or say in order to get you to stay with them. Nothing truly changes and soon enough they revert to their same old ways.
6. They don’t call you back or respond to messages you leave them. It’s not that they aren’t receiving them, they just don’t want or care enough to get back to you right away. If they are not responding to your texts, emails, or messaging you back on social media, it’s clear you aren’t a priority.
7. The person acts shady, like they’re on high alert and want to keep something from you. Being so secretive is very suspicious and they probably are indeed hiding something.
8. Your significant other never tries to make plans with you ahead of time.
9. You cater to their needs and are always by their side, yet the opposite isn’t true because they’re either not around when you need them most, or they’re unwilling to help.
10. They seem bored and detached when they’re around you. Sometimes they even tell you straight up that they have better things to do than hang out with you.
11. You are not the only person they are currently dating and know this for a fact because they’ve told you.
12. They lie to you about things that seem minor or trivial. While on the surface the lies appear to be mostly insignificant, they’re being told for a reason and it’s usually a big one!
13. They make you feel terrible about yourself. If the majority of the time you are unhappy, sad, depressed, unfulfilled, or anything of the like, get away from them and fast!
14. You feel in your gut like you’re being treated unfairly and used. If you sense that you’re being taken advantage of, that’s likely exactly what is happening. When your significant other doesn’t care as much, it’ll show subtly through all of their words and actions, which you’ll pick up on.
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