24 Facts About Left-Handed People That You Probably Didn’t Know

Being left-handed marks people out as a minority that includes only about 10% of the entire human population and more than often as a misfit in the world.

Everything, from doorknobs to writing desks, is designed for a right handed person. And consequently, we are going to go into facts about left handed people, like they are a novelty. As a matter of fact, the proper word for left handedness, used to be sinister, because the early Christians saw left handedness as a gift of the Devil.

Anyway, here goes:

1. They are indeed, statistically a minority. Only a small percentage, about 5-10%, of the world’s population is left handed.
2. The English word left comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘Lyft’ which means weak, referring to the weaker side of right handed individuals.
3. The right side of the brain controls left handedness.
4. Statistically speaking, left handed people make better athletes.
5. Forty percent of the world’s best tennis stars are left handed.
6. Left handed people can see clearer under water in a straight up comparison with right handed people.
7. There are downsides to, left handedness comes, statistically with a higher risk of alcohol addictedness.
8. It has been proved that left handed graduates from college, end up becoming 26% richer than their more normal counterparts.
9. Left handed people tend to reach puberty about five to six months later than right handed individuals.
10. There are left pawed animals too.
11. The USA has had about eight left handed presidents.
12. Left handed people are statistically more prone to allergies, migraines and insomniacs.
13. Besides deviousness, devilishness and homosexuality, in the past, left handedness has also been associated with creativity, manhood and imaginaton.
14. There are more than 30 million of them in the US alone.
15. They inhabit the extremes of the intelligence scale.
16. The possibility of being born left handed increases with the age of the mother; mothers above 40 are most likely.
17. Aug-13th every year is lefty day.
18. Lefties process information and emotion differently.
19. They have better brains for mathematics and architecture and are spatially more aware,
20. They learn the use of their weaker arm quicker than their righty counterparts.
21. Michelangelo is one of the many artists who was lefty.
22. Left handedness runs in the British royal house.
23. Buzz Aldrin is not the only left handed astronaut in history. There have been others.
24. Jack the Ripper, Osama bin Laden and the Boston Strangler were also lefties.
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