9 Ways To Intensify Your Spiritual Love Connection

Maintaining a constant bond of love is very difficult even if the partners happen to be the twin flames. There are always some secondary issues which flare up and cause trouble for the couples.

So, today we share with you 9 secrets for uplifting your soul connection.

1. Release old grudges, now

Grudges keep your energy stuck and thus it creates blockades. These grudges prevent you from establishing a real bond based on mutual trust and faith. Grudges as well as past moments of anger can block your connection with your partner. If you want to rekindle your love, let go of those old grudges that you still carry with you.

2. Choose To See Difficult Situations From A Higher Perspective

You must stay in touch with your Higher Self. This can be done with the help of mindfulness and meditation. It is very important because it helps you to connect with spirits, which tell you to stay away from illusions and to focus only on true love.

3. Eradicate family attachments of sexual control

It may sound strange but, familial attachments and ancient patterns are involved in sexuality. They create low energy entanglements which hold twins down like an anchor. Clearing control based attachments and sources of negative are crucial in clearing the twin flame connection up for love.

4. Move away from conflict patterns- Running/Separation

It is very important for the twin flames to move out of the conflict and the ‘problematic pattern’ in order to truly experience the power of love.
You can actually tune yourself into the peaceful happiness.   If you are still entrenched in the thoughts of fear and sadness; then you need to let go of these as they are also a huge hindrance in realizing the love.

5. Clear your energy of fear

Fear is closely related to negative feelings, painful memories and sadness. Thus, if you’ll let go of your fears, negative feelings and thoughts will slip away as well. It is believed that every action is either based on fear, or on love. Thus if you’ll eliminate fear, love will spread in your life.

6. Find a new compass for the journey

Things are never the same as they appear on the surface and thus you’ll need to look beyond people’s ‘mask’ to find the open paths. With this new journey, you can experience love that is complete, full, light and passionate.

7. Know the difference: Intuition v/s Fear

It is interesting to know that fear clouds our intuition. We are taught to follow our gut feeling, but the gut feelings are often based into our fears. This is because our fears are based on past experiences which result out from embedded beliefs. The true intuition is based not on reacting to the fear but on understanding the energy of situations and people. If you are able to distinguish between fears and intuitions, then only will you be able to openly love your partner.

8. Love yourself unconditionally

You must accept yourself in your own original state. This helps you to uplift your energy which in turn helps the spiritual love connection.

 9. Learn to live from the heart

Your heart always knows what is best for you and thus you must follow it. Listen to others, but do what your heart says. This will help you to clear away from the limits of your karmic beliefs and will take your love to another level.
What do you think about these ways of upleveling your spiritual love? Share your views and opinions with us.
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