Being Nice Isn’t Always The Best Thing To Do

In the spirit of developing higher consciousness and becoming more aware of our own behavior and how it affects others, we have always said that being nice, patient and understanding is something we need to pursue as a personal goal.

However, being Mr. Nice is not always the best choice. I know it sounds contradicting, but that doesn’t deny the fact that it’s true.
The confusion come out to light, probably, because so much value is attached to being nice. We always want to look as if we are the nicest people and surely we want to get the credit for it. But the thing is that nice people aren’t always happy people.
Now, technically, you may question the argument. You might say that if you are nice, karma is going to work its way around and you will get good things.
But, believe me, I have seen a lot of nice people ending up in sad relationships and unfulfilling careers and even in situations of stress all the time.
That’s the whole point. Being nice is not always being good and this happens because sometimes we see situations in the way we want to see them. We don’t realize that sometimes when people are bad to us, being nice is not the best reply.
This is because we have to understand that when people are being negative or hurting us, they are showing what they truly are. If we are nice to them, it will show that we lack self-care or self-respect.
Thus, the important thing is to analyze the situation. This means that instead of being blindly nice to everyone in every situation, you should judge for yourself what the situation is. If you feel that you are being used or mistreated, then you should not be nice.
You should react because that reaction will show to the other person that you cannot be taken for granted. When you show that you cannot be taken for granted, you stop attracting bad energy in your life. You automatically attract the good people.
Thus, being nice is not always good.
Rather you should choose to be truthful and direct in your approach. Yes, that actually helps. When you are honest and candid, people don’t take you for granted and you don’t even have to fake anything.
All you have to do is, be yourself.
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