Shoulder Pain Relief

 Shoulder pain is a common occurrence among many people and it can be caused by a number of different reasons, such as injury or overuse. Even mild shoulder pain can be debilitating, regardless of the cause. There are a variety of ways to relieve shoulder pain, like painkillers, slings, or, in the more serious cases, surgical procedures.

However, one of the safer and more effective methods of treating shoulder pain is the use of acupressure. It is a non-invasive procedure that has proven to be highly effective in relieving pain and hastening recovery.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

There are several different ways that shoulder pain can start to affect someone, some of them are immediate, while others are more gradual. Here are some of the causes of shoulder pain and the effect they have on the person experiencing that pain:

  • Tendinitis – this is an inflammation of the tendon that connects the muscle to the bone. This can be the result of an overuse injury or a degenerative disease like arthritis.
  • Bursitis – bursae are fluid filled sacs located in the joints that help to reduce friction between the bones and the joints. Overuse of the shoulder can lead to inflammation and swelling of the bursae. This causes pain and limited movement.
  • Tendon tears – the tendon can get torn through injury, overuse, or arthritis. Rotator cuff injuries are a common example of this kind of injury.
  • Displacement injury – a separated or dislocated shoulder is an example of this injury type. It is very painful, can take a long time to heal, and sometimes requires surgical intervention. While the shoulder is healing, the affected person has very little range of motion.
  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome – this happens when the shoulder bone (acromion) impinges on the tendons in the shoulder. It is caused by repetitive shoulder movements and can cause pain and irritation.
  • Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) – the cause of this condition is unknown, but per the name, it causes the connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint to stiffen. This can cause pain and a severely decreased range of motion.

Treatment for Shoulder Pain

The first thing anyone should do if they have excessive shoulder pain is to consult a doctor. They will conduct a physical exam and, if necessary, use x-ray, MRI, or ultrasound exams to determine the reason for the pain.

For more serious problems, surgery may be recommended, but for milder problems, heat, ice, rest, and NSAIDS, like aspirin or ibuprofen, can help to reduce the pain and swelling. Another treatment is to inject cortical steroids directly into the joint to provide relief from any painful swelling. There are also very effective and less extreme measures that can be taken.

Acupuncture and Acupressure to Treat Shoulder Pain

Acupuncture has been proven to be quite effective in treating shoulder pain. Scientific trials have proven that people who use acupuncture to treat their shoulder pain experience less pain in both the long term and the short term. It is a minimally invasive procedure that has no lingering side effects and is safe for anyone to use.

Acupressure is also an effective treatment that is completely non invasive because it only involves activating the acupoints associated with shoulder pain. Acupoints are places on the body that, when stimulated, promote healing. Acupressure is also effective because it can be self administered. That way any affected individual can help to treat their own pain once they have learned the proper technique.

Shoulder Pain Does not Have to Last Long

Shoulder pain can be a serious problem because it limits the types of activity a person can do, which in turn can have a negative effect on their life. Anyone with shoulder pain should make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in that field as soon as possible.

If the cause of the pain does not require surgery, then a good treatment option is acupuncture. It is minimally invasive, highly effective, and the results are felt very quickly. A good acupuncture clinic like Sound Acupuncture Miami is the best place to get the best treatment. That is because they have experts who know exactly what to do to relieve the individual’s pain, and help them to recover and return to a normal life as quickly as possible.

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