10 Quintessential Questions You Need To Ask To A Wedding Decorator


Decoration is one of the most daunting aspect of wedding planning that adds more charm to the occasion. What plating is to food similarly decorations is to weddings. Ask a guest how a wedding was and the very first thing you hear is the description of the lavish décor, they would say “Badi Shandar/ Bekar Shaadi thee.” However grand and pompeous a wedding might be  it is the decoration that is the elixir to its beauty. Gone are the days when the wedding decoration used to simple and traditional, the wedding industry has revolutionized the concept of decoration. Modern Indian weddings is big fat affair comprising of lavish décor, sumptous buffet spread, picturesque venue, loud music and offcourse the dance.

Every year the wedding industry comes up with new wedding decoration trends and themes that up the level of the auspicious occasion. The rise of the wedding trends has flooded the wedding market with variegated décor elements that match with the variety of wedding themes. From wedding balloon decoration, floral arrangements, lights décor to the traditional drape décor a variety of décor ideas are available in the market. Amidst the plethora of wedding decorations available selecting the right décor is a dainty task. A wedding décor should be one that complements the wedding theme and enhances the beauty of the wedding.

India is a land of diversity owning to which the wedding rituals and décor differ from region to region. A simple, sophisticated wedding décor consisting plantain tree décor is the idea of a south Indian wedding might not match with the idea of a Punjabi wedding which is loud and incorporates shimmery décor. Irrespective of whether you are getting hitched in Mumbai, Pune or Chandigarh hiring a wedding decorator is what would easy out your decoration planning. Are you planning to book the best wedding decorator in Chandigarh, Mumbai or wherever   your tying the knot. With the number of wedding decorators available in the market choosing the right one is a tedious task. Confused about how to trudge ahead with your selection? Worry not as we have brought for you a list of questions that you must ask your wedding decorator before hiring them.

 Do you have a portfolio?

A top wedding decorator would always have a portfolio which has the description of their past work, links to their social platforms, company profile, list of major clients served, brand image, market value, skillfulness, quality, creative thinking, work sample and decoration styles.

How do you price for your services?

Wedding decorators have different costing for the different decoration styles. They price their services according the décor styles and elements utilized. Before hiring a decorator ask for free quotations for the services offered to get a better idea about their pricing.

How many years of experience do you hold in handling weddings?

Experience counts and it is one of the most essential thing for a wedding decorator. A professional wedding decorator with 5-6 years of experience in the field would be able to better cater your requirements in comparison to an amateur decorator with 1 year of experience.

How many wedding bookings do you take in a day or month?

A decorator who has less number of wedding bookings received for the same day or month would be better able to concentrate on your wedding over a decorator with multiple orders. Also booking decorators who take multiple booking for the same day or month risks out the chance of last minute cancellation which is sure enough to ruin your special day. That is the last thing you would want to happen so it is advisable to check the number of booking that your selected decorator has before finalizing them to avoid getting ditched last moment.

As a decorator what sets you apart from your competitors?

Its your wedding and you would only want to settle only for the best.  To get the best unique décor at your wedding that sets you apart from the league question your decorator about what’s unique about their services, ask about what they specialize in. Every decorators working style is different and they have some unique decoration ideas. Out of all the ideas you have to choose the one that would bewilder your guests with its charm.

How do you handle emergencies?

A top wedding caterer would better know how to handle emergencies as they have backup plans for such situations.   While hiring a decorator enquire about how they would tackle a crisis situation, what backup plans they have for it.

What is your cancellation policy?

Weddings are a joyous occasion but sometimes untoward things might happen owning to which a wedding gets preponed, postponed and even can get cancelled. For such a situation you have cancellation policy of vendors come to aid, although the policy differs from vendor to vendor. While booking a wedding decorator question about their cancellation policy, about how much amount they refund post the cancellation, how much they deduct as per their cancellation charges.

How much is the deposit and when is it to be paid?

Wedding decorators charge a percentage of the total amount as a deposit to confirm the booking. Enquire your selected vendor how much percentage of the total amount they need as advance payment and when is the amount to be paid. Also ask the mode of the payment whether its via online transfer or cash.

Are you willing to coordinate with the wedding planner?

Often its since that there is a clash of opinion between a planner and a decorator if not booked from the the same agency. Some decorators prefer to work independently rather than coordinating with planners. Ask your decorator before finalizing them whether they are ok for working in collaboration with a planner as you would not want arguments at your wedding.

Is your wedding license?

Wedding is an expensive affair and you would not want your hard earned money to go down the drain by opting for decorators who are not credible enough. While booking your decorator ask about their license to check their authenticity and credibility. Also check their insurance as booking an insured decorator would help you safe a few bucks in case of any untoward situation.

Did these questions steer your search for a wedding decorator in the right direction? Do you have any another questions on your mind that need to be asked to a decorator. Tell us about your question through the comments below.

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