Discover What Your Palm Reveals About Your Personality

The palms of your hand hold quite the story which can reveal a lot about someone's personality and how they act around others.

If you take a look at the palms of your hands, you will notice three major lines of different sizes that run across your palm. These three lines represent the critical parts in your life such as the heart, head, and life lines.

All of these can show a piece of your personality, reading these lines has been called palmistry, a method that has been used for many years in Asia, Babylonia, Israel, and Persia.
People often turn to palmistry to see if there is anyway that they can improve on their lives or if a certain bad omen is on it's way.

The Heart Line

This line is also referred to as the love line, it can show information about someone's emotional health as well as their various relationships with others in their lives. Another way for this line to be read is by looking at one's actual heart health.
This line is located just above the head and life line, starting just under the index finger or your middle finger that extends toward your pinky finger.

The Head Line

This line represents your mentality or often referred to as the wisdom line. This line is thought to be one of the most important lines when it comes to Chinese palmistry. This line can reveal the mental/psychological workings of someone, the intellectual development, and can even decipher a persons intuitive abilities.

You can locate this line between the thumb and your index finger as it runs across the palm toward the other edge of your palm, horizontally. In some cases, the head line can begin directly on the life line and then extend outward from there.

The Life Line

This line is the first one people look at the most, since it is the line that draws the most attention when looking at someone's palm. You can locate this line as it begins between your thumb and index finger, continuing downward toward the base of your thumb and then connects to your wrist.

When reading this line, one can find out important information about one's experiences they'll have in life, including their physical/emotional health.

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