If You Want to Change Your Results, You Have to Change Your Thinking First

Ask yourself these 9 questions to trigger thought and action.

Here’s a simple assessment that will trigger thought and action. Rate yourself 1 to 10 on each question below (1 is low; 10 is high). Then take a few minutes to write down what actions you want to change in response to your answers.
1. How is my life working out?
2. How’s my daily attitude; how happy am I?
3. How are my relationships with my family, friends, co-workers, coaches and mentors?
4. How’s my health (weight, overall wellness, self-esteem, stress levels, etc.)?
5. How effectively am I feeding my mind? (How many books have I read in the last six months? What do I wish to become? Am I studying productively?)
6. How do I rate my lifestyle (my satisfaction with activities such as travel, exploring, attending fun events, etc.)?
7. Where is my income in comparison to where I want it to be?
8. How often do I give back to others?
9. How is my goal-setting? How satisfied am I with how my goals have manifested in my life?
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