11 Powerful Secrets For Creating Meaningful Relationships

Secrets don't make for strong relationships, it is then interesting that people are always seeking the secrets to the 'perfect relationship'. A 'perfect relationship' is a more disastrous statement than the 'average person'. Relationships are so personal and unique to each situation, that it can be hard to find the commonalities. Here are some common ways to build a strong formation for a stable and mutually beneficial relationship.

1.In any situation the person with the most personal insight will do the best and be the most comfortable.

2. Heed what others say, but follow your gut and communicate with your loved one. Others don't have to understand your relationship for it to work.

3. Try and see past actions and words to the person's intentions.

4. Do not seek to change the person or tolerate a person attempting to change you.

5. Do not ever defend yourself in anger. Walk away and give the parties involved time to calm down.

6. Always project what is true to you. Don't pretend to be someone you're not. If you don't know what to project, then don't project anything or your uncertainty. Others around you will appreciate the honesty.

7. Seek out love and acceptance for yourself above all things. If you can't find these aspects for yourself you will never grow or be able to provide it for someone else.

8. Do not seek to be a loving person. Seek to be a genuine person. Within that definition there can be love. Romanticism makes for a poor character focal point.

9. Don't make expectations of the other person, make your intentions and desires known and let them answer and meet them in their own unique way.

10. Assume love. The other person is in this relationship to love you, and you them. Mistakes and miscommunications happen, don't let yourself assume that they did so maliciously.

11. And last but not least, be ready to forgive.

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