Solidify your schedule and don’t skip a beat on it.

First of all, how do you know if you are lazy? When you are lazy, you have the desire to be idle, resist effort, don’t want to do anything, and are in a state of passivity.
Here are twelve tips to overcome laziness.

1. Break down a task into smaller tasks

We delay doing tasks because they are too big or overwhelming. So try tackling smaller elements of it so you actually will complete it.

2. Rest, sleep, and exercise

If your laziness is due to lack of energy and being tired, give your body some rejuvenation so it can recharge and be ready.

3. Motivation

Find something that motivates and inspires you to want to do something.

4. Have a vision of what and who you want to be

Frequently reflect on who you earlier wanted to be and what goals you set out to achieve.

5. Think about benefits

Give thoughts to why overcoming your laziness will benefit you in the long run. This goes hand in hand with motivation.

6. Thinking about the consequences

As mentioned before, think through what might happen if you continue to be lazy, what bad will happen?

7. Doing one thing at a time

When you focus on doing one thing at a time, you will feel like you don’t have as much to do and will most likely complete it.

8. Visualization

Use your imagination to envision yourself being more productive so that you actually can do it.

9. Repeat affirmations

Tell yourself that you can accomplish things. It will be implanted in your subconscious and turn into a reality.

10. Regard a task as an exercise

Frame your work as an exercise that is designed to make you stronger and more decisive.

11. Procrastination

This is a form of laziness. Don’t put things off until they pile up; do it now.

12. Learn from successful people

Watch successful people and how they don’t let laziness win.

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