6 Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Life

1. You're on edge.

There's no sign stronger than the constantly uneasy feeling. When change is necessary, you start feeling gross about the life you're in. You know you're ready to move on.

2. You're always dreaming or living in the past.

Dreaming is good. Honoring our memories is a good thing too. But if you find yourself living in the past or dreaming of the future, it's time to make some changes. Get away from the old and drive forward toward the new.

3. You dread work.

Our jobs account for a huge chunk of our lives. We'll likely work into our sixties and work at least 40 hours a week in that time. That's a lot of life spent on a job! So naturally, if things aren't right at your job, things really aren't right in your life. If you dread your job, it's time to find another one.

4. You feel anxious.

A strong sign that change is necessary is when folks are always telling you to chill out, to calm down, and to take a vacation. Feeling anxious isn't a good thing. Maybe you're anxious for a change!

5. You're tired.

Maybe not physically tired, but tired of this sh*t. Tired of life. Tired of all the things. Tired of your job. Tired of your house. Tired of your town. Just tired. That tiredness isn't good. Maybe it's time to move on.

6. You feel jealous of others.

Final sign for me is feeling jealous. Once I start to envy what other people have, I know it's time to start up with something new.
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